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As a SHO (Senior House Officer) you will be working closely with other junior doctors and a team of registrar’s doctors and Consultants within your department. You must maintain liaison with colleagues who are on duty immediately before and after you to ensure adequate communication and continuity of patient care. You will instruct the nursing staff in the care of patients, also the professional technical staffs in the investigations Etc.; that is necessary for patient care and take care that other departments are fully acquainted with all necessary information.

You will be responsible to the Consultant (s) and Registrar(s) for ensuring that the Department is adequately covered by the juniors in the unavoidable absence from duty of your colleagues or junior colleagues. The Senior House Officer must be dedicated to developing their career as the Consultants provide an excellent training programme as they are devoted to career progression within their medical staffing team as per your speciality.

. participate as a member of a multi-disciplinary team in the provision of medical care to patients;

. diagnose and treat patients

. ensure that duties and functions are undertaken in a manner that prioritises the safety and well being of patients

. initiate and monitor treatment

. Additional duties and responsibilities related to this post may be set out in the job description as issued by the Employer

Please Email or Call 0203868 9000 for more infomation.

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