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Consultant Geriatric Medicine

  • Full Time
  • Salford, Lancashire, UK
  • 41998712

Job Summary:

Trust aims to seamlessly integrate acute and community services, forming a unified pathway for older adults coping with frailty and complexity. Collaborating with the Chief of Service and our established Clinical Director for Frailty Services, we are seeking a Consultant Geriatrician for a substantive role. 

Job description :

  1. Actively engage in both Clinical and, where applicable, Educational Supervision of trainees.
  2. Contribute significantly to the professional supervision and management of junior medical staff.
  3. Assume responsibility for teaching, examination, and accreditation tasks as needed for junior medical staff.
  4. Collaborate with the Clinical Director, Matron, Specialty Manager, Consultants, and other colleagues.
  5. Take a proactive role in the overall management of the Business Unit.
  6. Participate fully in the development and implementation of innovative work methodologies aligned with modernization principles and future readiness.
  7. Take charge of optimizing departmental staffing and resources for maximum efficiency.
  8. Adhere to the Trust’s established policies and procedures, ensuring compliance, especially in managing staff. Follow the Trust’s Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions, which are developed in consultation with the profession on clinical matters.

Job Responsibilities :

Exciting opportunity for a Consultant Geriatrician in the NHS.

Join our dynamic team implementing the Ageing Well and Frailty Strategy across Guilford and Waverley. Benefit from our renowned Acute Frailty Service, Frailty Same Day Emergency Care, Geriatrician of the Day model, and Hospital at Home service. Rotation through these pathways is possible, with cover within budget. The department hub supports CGA assessments, and we aim to collaborate with partners for proactive frailty management. Be part of our Frailty Academy, contributing to an expanded strategic workforce plan for an aging population. Join us in making a difference! #Geriatrician #HealthcareOpportunity #FrailtyCare #NHS

Person Specification



  • Full registration and a license to practice with the GMC or Process of GMC.
  • MBBS or equivalent
  • MRCP or equivalent



  • Wide experience of managing patients with Frailty
  • General Internal Medicine
  • Significant evidence of experience in clinical leadership
  • Relevant experience of management of medical emergencies

Skills and Capabilities


  • Management, Leadership and Initiative skills

For more details please reach us on 

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