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Check out how our recruitment experience can help you find you your next construction job or your next construction team.

Looking for your next construction job?

No matter your motivation for taking your next step, our industry acumen and vast employer network position us perfectly to link you with opportunities aligned with your priorities and aspirations.

Being a cornerstone of our economy, the growth and prosperity of the construction sector remain paramount. Your skills are not only necessary but also in high demand to fuel this growth. With our extensive networks, exclusive affiliations, and hands-on experience, navigating the increasingly intricate and evolving job market becomes effortless.

Our unparalleled history of recruiting exceptional professionals across both public and private domains speaks for itself. We are poised to pair you with an array of construction positions that are distinctive and unavailable elsewhere. Whether your pursuit is an estimator’s role, a quantity surveyor’s position, or any other role within the construction spectrum that we specialize in, we stand ready.

From site managers to contract managers, project managers, on-site engineers, site agents, buyers, and planners, our experts in construction recruitment possess both distinct sectoral expertise and regional insights. This enables us to connect you with roles that are not only demanding and diversified but most importantly, align with your aspirations.


Our recruitment experience in architect/design engineering jobs

Our built environment is constantly changing. New sustainable practices, the advent of digital twins, and interactive design visualization are all forging novel avenues in the realm of construction. Yet, all of these advancements would remain unrealized without the imaginative expertise and strategic contributions of architects, planners, and designers who are actively moulding and reshaping our physical spaces.

Our expertise in the field of architecture stands as unparalleled. We’re not only ready to bring you roles that challenge and inspire, but we also possess the scope, insights, and comprehension to assist in sculpting your prospective career trajectory.

Within the realm of architectural recruitment, the adept professionals at PE Global possess firsthand experience in placing individuals driven by passion across the industry. Our endeavours encompass the recruitment of architects, architectural technologists, BIM managers, interior designers, planners, and design managers.


Our recruitment experience in Mechanical and Electrical Services

We specialise in staffing solutions for industries that require skilled professionals in mechanical and electrical engineering. PE Global connects businesses with qualified candidates, ranging from engineers and technicians to project managers.

We understand the unique demands of these fields and provide tailored recruitment strategies to source, screen and place candidates who possess the technical expertise and problem-solving skills needed for success.

Whether it’s for construction projects, manufacturing facilities, or innovative R&D ventures, our agency is dedicated to matching top talent with companies to drive growth and innovation in the mechanical and electrical sectors.


Looking for your next construction team?

We help organisations from the public and private sectors reach skilled trades and labour candidates, whether that be carpenters and electricians, or forklift drivers and plant operators.  Discover how our recruitment services can help your organisation get skilled, trusted workers at short notice and for any volume or industry

For progression, expansion, and timely project execution, a competent and adaptable workforce is essential. We not only comprehend the technical significance of your organization’s endeavours but also recognize the societal value you contribute, spanning from educational institutions and medical facilities to housing and broader community initiatives. Our role is to assist you in locating the finest talent, thereby contributing to the continuous advancement of society.

Our adept recruiters offer an exclusive focus, catering to both domestic and commercial markets. Additionally, we extend support to projects in critical environments, ensuring that you can rely on us to provide your organization or project with the most dependable talent.

Our array of skilled trade and labour professionals encompasses carpenters, electricians, ground workers, labourers, plant operators, plumbers, and HVAC technicians. Furthermore, we facilitate senior appointments to swiftly infuse your workforce and projects with seasoned leadership and technical expertise.

While we possess an expansive national network, our structure is optimized to effectively address local client requirements and initiatives. This allows us to recruit candidates in proximity to your organization or project, aligning with your specifications, minimizing travel time, and actively contributing to local regeneration. Additionally, our recruitment process incorporates comprehensive compliance checks and technical assessments of candidates, offering you an extra layer of assurance.

As a trusted partner, we’re not only ready to deliver against your immediate hiring needs in trades and labour, but also have the scale, insight and understanding to shape your future workforce management strategy.

Get in touch with one of our specialist consultants today to future-proof your construction trades & labour recruitment strategy by calling +353 21 4297900 or email queries@peglobal.net.

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Our recruiters know the construction industry, its culture and construction jobs inside out.
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