Neutral Managed Service or Master Vendor

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PE Global offers a comprehensive on-site solution known as the Neutral Managed Service or Master Vendor Solution, which fully supports all of a client's recruitment activities while also providing a range of additional benefits at no extra cost.

Within this service, PE Global assigns a dedicated Account Manager to work on-site at the client’s facility. This Account Manager plays a pivotal role in various tasks, including resource planning, responding to staffing needs, handling administrative duties, and ensuring excellent contractor care.

Importantly, the Account Manager possesses a deep understanding of the client’s organization and industry.

At PE Global we can offer you an end-to-end service or any individual components of recruitment

To function as a seamless extension of our client’s company, the Account Manager diligently familiarizes themselves with the client’s origins, future goals, primary competitors, and industry leaders.

Our service offering is highly flexible, allowing clients to opt for either an end-to-end solution or specific components tailored to their needs.

These components include multilingual recruitment, staffing and resource management, and expertly managed services—all designed to consistently meet and exceed service level agreements.

With PE Global’s Neutral Managed Service, clients benefit from a dedicated partner that not only streamlines their recruitment processes but also aligns with their long-term business objectives.

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