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In addition to our core services of offering permanent, contract and fixed term staffing solutions, PE Global has evolved to become a specialised provider of Temporary Workers, offering competitive rates to our clients.

Our commitment to adapt and diversify led to the establishment of our dedicated Temps Division within PE Global in 2016, a move that has proven highly successful in meeting the workforce needs of both our new and long-standing clients.

Currently, we are playing a pivotal role in assisting numerous major indigenous companies spanning various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, construction, manufacturing, FMCG, food, hospitality, and logistics, by providing them with top-tier temporary staffing solutions.

The benefits of integrating temporary staff into your workforce, whether it’s for regular or unforeseen situations, are multifaceted, and they can be summarised as follows:

Minimise Labor Expenses: If your company relies on seasonal personnel, you are well aware that one of the primary advantages of employing temporary workers is the ability to trim labor expenses and enhance the efficiency of your financial resources.  At PE Global, we take care of all payroll-related matters, encompassing holiday pay, PRSI, PAYE, P45s, and more, effectively lightening the burden on your in-house payroll team.

Optimise Resource Allocation: Leveraging temporary agency staff provides your company with the opportunity to focus on its core strengths, whether that involves manufacturing medical devices, delivering parcels, or constructing houses.

Entrusting the recruitment process to PE Global enables you to reclaim valuable time and delegate tasks such as advertising, CV screening, background checks, reference checks, training, and overtime cost management to our capable team.

Recruiting even a single employee can entail a substantial amount of effort, and by opting to bring temporary staff on board, you effectively transfer these responsibilities to our skilled team of recruiters and career specialists.

Enhanced Scalability and Adaptability: Leveraging temporary staff bolsters a company’s agility, enabling it to expand and adjust seamlessly to peak periods throughout the year.

Every business encounters surges in demand, necessitating seasonal workforce increases. Augmenting your regular staff with temporary personnel provides you with the flexibility to mitigate the risk of overstaffing during quieter periods, thereby enhancing cash flow during these leaner times.

Assurance and Reliability: Employing temporary staff mitigates the risk of costly recruitment errors. The arduous process of hiring, only to find that the candidate is not a suitable fit, can be deeply frustrating.

By engaging temporary staff, you gain a cost-effective means of assessing potential permanent employees in a practical work environment, providing peace of mind and greater confidence in your recruitment decisions.

Handling Unexpected Challenges: Unforeseen circumstances are an inevitable part of business operations, ranging from unforeseen injuries to unexpected absences among your permanent employees. Such occurrences should not compel you to halt your regular workload, potentially disappointing customers or delaying critical projects.

We’ve assembled a dedicated team of recruitment consultants who specialise in managing temporary staff daily. They are readily available to provide a pool of pre-vetted employees at short notice, ensuring minimal disruption to your plans and enabling you to navigate unforeseen challenges with ease.

Varieties of Temporary staffing solutions offered by PE Global:

  • Production & Assembly Operatives
  • Pickers & Packers
  • General Operatives
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Reception
  • Administrators
  • Personal Assistant
  • Accounts
  • Data Entry
  • Logistics Administrators
  • HR
  • Credit Controllers
  • Customer Service
  • Medical/Legal.
When considering the addition of Temporary Workers through PE Global, you can expect an exceptional level of service and a selection of highly skilled candidates tailored precisely to meet your unique needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Complete our client contact form or call our team on +353 21 4297900 today or email temps@peglobal.net to discuss your temporary staffing requirements.
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The benefits of augmenting your workforce with temporary staff, be it for regular or unexpected needs, are numerous.
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