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As well as providing permanent and contract staff to clients at PE Global we now specialise in supplying Temporary Workers at a competitive rate.

We established a new Temps Division here in PE Global in 2016 which we have successfully grown into a thriving business with new and existing clients.

At present we are aiding a number of major indigenous companies across many sectors including pharmaceutical, medical device, construction, hospitality and logistics with their temporary staffing needs.

The advantages of supplementing your workforce with temporary staff whether it is on a regular or emergency basis are plentiful as follows:

  • Reduce labour costs: if your company is dependant on seasonal staff then you know that one of the best reasons to use temporary employees is to cut labour costs and to make financial resources more efficient.  PE Global looks after all payroll issues including holiday pay, PRSI, PAYE and P45s etc. thus reducing the work load on your own payroll staff.
  • Effective use of Company Resources: using temporary agency staff allows you the time to do what you do best, whether that is producing medical devices, delivering parcels or building houses.  Leaving the recruitment to PE Global frees up your time and you can leave all advertising, sifting through CVs, background checks, references, training and overtime costs to us. A lot of work goes into recruiting even one single employee. When you decide to hire temp workers, you essentially shift these duties onto our capable team of recruiters and career professionals
  • Scalability and Flexibility: using temporary staff increases a company’s flexibility to scale up and adapt to their peak times throughout the year. All businesses experience a rush where they need to scale up and need extra bodies seasonally. Supplementing your regular staff with temporary staff affords you this flexibility to eliminate the risk of being over staffed during the quieter periods, thus benefitting cash flow during these leaner periods.
  • Peace of Mind: Using temporary staff reduces the risk of making costly recruitment mistakes. It can be very frustrating to go through the lengthy process of recruiting someone only for them to not work out. Using temporary staff gives you a cost effective way of testing potential permanent employees in a real world work scenario
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: There will always be times where something unexpected hampers your plans whether it is an injury or other unexpected absence from work to one of your permanent employees. This is no reason to put on hold your regular workload, thus disappointing your customers or postponing that planned project. We have a dedicated team of recruitment consultants dealing with temporary staff on a daily basis who are on hand to supply from have a pool of employees ready to go at short notice to minimise any disruption to your plans.
If you are looking to supplement your staff with Temporary Workers through PE Global, you certainly will not be disappointed by the level of service you will receive from the team here and the expertly selected candidates that are carefully chosen based on your specific requirements.
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The advantages of supplementing your workforce with temporary staff whether it is on a regular or emergency basis are plentiful


To find out more about hiring temps contact our Business Development Team at  PE Global on :
T: +353 (0)21 4297900     E: temps@peglobal.net

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