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PE Global's experience has provided us with valuable insights into identifying the quality traits that candidates possess.

We employ a range of proven search methodologies to consistently source top-notch talent, which includes:

  • Extensive Database: We maintain our own comprehensive database, featuring a wealth of over 120,000 Professionals. This database allows us to tap into a vast network of potential candidates.
  • Global Recruitment Partners: Collaborating with our global recruitment partners broadens our reach and access to talent pools worldwide, ensuring we can find the right fit for your needs.
At PE Global we are effective in sourcing candidates through the necessary in-country international job sites, job boards and various advertising mediums.
  • Online Social Media: We leverage online social media platforms to connect with potential candidates, engaging with them through professional networks to identify individuals who match your criteria.
  • Internet Job-sites: We actively utilise internet job-sites, both general and industry-specific, to identify and connect with qualified candidates actively seeking opportunities.
  • Print Advertising Campaigns: Our recruitment efforts extend to print advertising campaigns, which can reach a broader audience and capture the attention of passive job seekers.
  • Conference Attendance: Attending industry-specific conferences allows us to interact with professionals who are at the forefront of their fields, making it possible to identify and engage top talent.
  • Direct Headhunting: We have the capacity and expertise to engage in direct headhunting, approaching and connecting with the best candidates on your behalf. This method ensures that we target individuals who may not be actively searching for new opportunities.

These diverse search methodologies combined with our experience enable us to consistently identify, engage, and present top-quality candidates to meet your specific recruitment needs. At PE Global, our commitment is to deliver the best talent for your organization.

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