Company History

Our company history

PE Global’s journey from its establishment as PharmEng in 2005 to its current status as a leading international recruitment agency reflects a remarkable evolution and expansion into various sectors:

  1. PharmEng Beginnings: The company started as PharmEng in 2005, offering engineering services to pharmaceutical companies in Europe. It quickly developed expertise in technical recruitment, focusing on the life sciences sector in the UK, Ireland, and Europe.
  2. Diversification: Within just two years, the company recognized market demand and began diversifying into new sectors, including Medical Healthcare and Oil & Gas on a global scale.
  3. Expansion to Serve International Markets: An upturn in the economy led to increased demand for engineers and contractors in various industries globally. As a response, the company expanded its services to provide resources for the Construction, Mining, Renewable Energy, and IT sectors.
  4. Locum Express: PE Global established Locum Express, specializing in the provision of doctor and nursing locums and contractors to meet short- and long-term requirements in healthcare organisations, both public and private.
  5. PE Global Healthcare: Building on the success of Locum Express, PE Global Healthcare was established. This division focuses on recruiting various healthcare personnel, including doctors, nurses/midwives, Allied Health Professionals (AHP), as well as ancillary positions, for hospitals across a wide range of international territories.
  6. Rebrand to PE Global: In 2010, the company rebranded as PE Global to better align with its expanded services and sectors, reflecting its growth into new markets and regions.
  7. Recruitment Expertise and Global Reach: Over the years, PE Global has become an expert in recruitment process outsourcing and global recruitment, offering a wide range of staffing solutions, including permanent, contract, and temporary placements, on a global scale.
  8. Global Presence: The company has offices in London, Cork, Dublin, and India, employing over 110 professionals, which positions it as a prominent player in the international recruitment industry.

PE Global’s history is marked by adaptability, expansion, and a commitment to meeting the evolving demands of clients across various sectors and geographical regions. The company’s growth and diverse service offerings have made it a significant player in the recruitment and staffing industry.

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