Our Community Had This To Say in 2023

Our Community Had This To Say in 2023

3rd January 2024

Over the course of 2023, we asked our community of followers on LinkedIn a series of questions to get a better understanding of how people are viewing the current job market, interviewing, the latest trends, culture, values, upskilling etc. As we take the first steps into 2024, the Maya Angelou quote comes to mind: “You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.”

So, let’s quickly look back on some of the questions we put to our community.

Where do you search for jobs?

With so many platforms and ways to search for work. It can be overwhelming for some to know where to start. We asked our community and a whopping 70% of those who voted said they primarily search for jobs on LinkedIn. Recruitment websites followed this at 19% and then Online Job Boards at 8%. So, if you’re searching for a new job in 2024, make sure to not only prepare your CV (for PE Global) but also get your LinkedIn profile in order and showcase all your experience, skills and attributes.

Where do you search for jobs?


What do you value most in the workplace?

There are many reasons why people stay with a company or employer or decide to move on. We thought we’d find out what people value most in the workplace.

At 51%, the majority of those who voted said a healthy work-life balance was what they value most in their workplace. Work Environment and Flexible Working Hours followed at 25% and 23% respectively.


When do you take the time to apply for jobs?

Balancing working full-time and job hunting can be difficult on top of our daily lives. With that in mind, we asked our followers when do they apply for jobs.

It was no great surprise that 68% of those who voted said they applied for jobs after work and at home. However, in second place, 18% said they applied for jobs during working hours.


In the next six months, how likely will you leave your current job?

We might all be feeling the January blues which can affect our decisions at the moment. However, the new year always brings renewed career aspirations. So, the answer to this question may be of interest to those looking for a new role in 2024.

At the time we ran this poll, 57% answered that it would be very likely they would leave their current job.

Will you be in a new role by the midpoint of the year?


Job Offers. How long after an interview are you willing to wait before you move on?

The interview process can be tough yet rewarding. So, once the final interview has been completed there is excitement in waiting to hear if you’ve landed the role. But we asked our followers, how long after an interview they are willing to wait before moving on as you may have other offers on the table.

45% of those who voted said they would wait 1 week before moving on. 26% said they would wait 2 weeks before moving on while 15% they would only wait 3 working days.

How long would you wait?


What are your dream job characteristics?

There is no greater feeling than landing your dream job. But we wanted to know what characteristics make it your dream job.

The majority of those who voted (49%) said the characteristic that makes it their dream job was somewhere they could make an impact. A clear career path came in at 34% with autonomy over tasks at 13%.

dream job


How long from when you started your initial job search did it take to receive a job offer?

The job searching process can be a long one for many with multiple applications, interviews, calls, assignments etc. So to get an idea of how long the job searching process from the initial job search to offer is taking currently. We put the question to our followers.

Interestingly, 37% said it took 3 months, followed by 26% saying it took 1 month and 17% saying 2 months.

There are multiple factors at play with each job/industry but we feel this is a good barometer of how long to expect your next job search could take.

how long was the job process results


If a company with a toxic culture offered you a higher salary, would you still choose to stay?

We all might be feeling the pinch at this time of the year with Christmas in the rearview mirror. But we were curious to know if a company with a toxic culture offered you a higher salary to stay, would you?

The results were emphatic with 80% saying no and was no great shock after a previous poll where people said they valued a healthy work-life balance the most in their current role.


In 2023, did you enhance your skills in reaction to the implementation of generative AI in the workplace?

It’s difficult to fathom at this stage that someone hasn’t heard about AI or even ChatGPT. However, we asked our followers did they enhance their skills with regard to generative AI in the workplace.

50% of people said they upskilled while 39% said they were planning on upskilling in 2024.


Are you interested in working in an environmentally friendly position that combats climate change?

As we continue to combat climate change globally, we wanted to know if you were interested in working in environmentally friendly roles or green jobs that tackle climate change.

79% said they are interested in a green job.

As a leading recruitment expert, PE Global is expecting an increase in green jobs on offer in 2024. So make sure you keep an eye on our channels for our latest job postings.

green jobs


2024 and beyond.

2024 holds immense promise for job seekers due to several transformative trends in recruitment. The convergence of advanced technology, remote work normalization, and a focus on diversity and inclusion is redefining the job market landscape. Artificial intelligence-powered hiring tools streamline the application process, offering personalized matches between candidates and roles. Remote work flexibility has broadened the geographical scope of job opportunities, enabling individuals to explore positions worldwide.

Moreover, organizations are prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, creating more inclusive workplaces that value diverse perspectives. The amalgamation of these factors presents an exhilarating landscape for job seekers, offering a multitude of opportunities to find fulfilling roles that align with their skills, values, and aspirations.


PE Global are here to help our community. We’ll guide you through the entire job-finding process. So, please get in touch or email queries@peglobal.net.

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