Time for a Change?


As the clocks go back an hour in the coming days, it is a clear sign that winter is well and truly on the way and that before we know it Christmas will be on our doorstep followed by 2020. Have your 2019 “New Year’s Resolutions” been implemented?  Were they realistic to begin with and what changes have been put in place, if any?

Yes, this is the cynic in me…  However, there is always time for change and no reason to wait until January or wait at all.

I believe that the key to a content life (happy ideally but I will remain realistic and optimistic) is balance.

Work/life balance is hugely important and if this isn’t the case it has an impact on everything else; health, family life, relationships, hobbies, etc.

There are several reasons to change jobs but physical and mental health should be prioritised. If your physical or mental health is suffering due to the stress of your job, excessive workload, bullying, disliking your job or your boss, lack of a challenge, etc, this not only impacts your job but impacts on your life and those around you.

To the best of my knowledge we only have one life, on earth anyway, so prioritise your own well-being as best you can. If you are unhappy in your current role for any reason, reach out to us at PE Global and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Taking The Plunge

I meet and speak with many candidates on a daily basis and appreciate for some it can be a difficult decision to leave their current job. For others it is part of the course and is the norm.

Many people in contract roles are used to moving jobs on a regular basis and see the advantages: gaining further experience, working with new people, different values and cultures, variety, new challenges and flexibility to name a few.

For others, it can be a more difficult decision, there is the financial side to take into consideration, the risk if considering moving to a contract role, will there be job satisfaction, is there the probability of career progression, is it the right move?

Unfortunately there is not a definite answer for these questions but I would encourage you to think about why you are looking for a change?  It may be the culture, the location, lack of progression, boredom, lack of work/life balance, seeking a new challenge, etc.

If you know why you want to leave, it will be easier to determine what you are looking for and then set about finding a new job. We are here to help.

At PE Global, we are delighted to speak with and meet candidates to discuss CVs, roles we are working on at present, assist with interview preparation and have a general conversation to determine what you are looking for.

When the decision has been made to actively look for a new role, it can take time to find the right role for you that matches the majority of your requirements.  Compromise at times is necessary.

If you are happy with your current role and conditions, that is great, if not and it’s time for a change? Why wait until January, contact us today to see if we can help. Make the first move, what is stopping you?

Call any of our recruiters here at PE Global on 021 4297900 to discuss our current opportunities or how we can help you.  Alternatively send your email to queries@peglobal.net or view all our latest jobs on www.peglobal.net


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