Tips for Temporary Workers

Tips for Temporary Workers

So, you’ve seen a job online, the money looks good, an immediate start is required, and all seems positive so far. However, it’s a “Temporary Position”.  Aren’t they only for graduates or for people who can only work part-time due to their “circumstances”? Wrong….

Temping offers lots of advantages, it gives you an opportunity to dip your toe into a number of roles you may be interested in, puts you in a live work situation in front of recruiting managers and gives you an insider’s view into something you may not have ever considered in the past while all the time, maintaining an income stream.

Here are some tips for temporary workers about making the most of your new role.

  • Don’t take the view that this is a short term stopgap, remain positive and look at your job as a real world audition. Apply yourself to the best of your ability and appreciate the fact that you now have a foot in the door of a company that realises that it is in a growth phase and is in the most likelihood, understaffed.
  • Discover if this industry is for you. Many people have spent a lot of time studying with the intention of making a living in a particular sector only to find out that it wasn’t for them in the first place. Your experience will give you a real world view of the everyday running of an industry as opposed to the ones you envisioned.
  • Irrespective of how long you are in a position, you have been presented with the opportunity to extend your network and develop new contacts.  Start your job with the intention of leaving it with a glowing report from your supervisor.  You never know when your paths may meet again.

So, the next time you are browsing through a jobs website, don’t just skip over the Temporary position ones. The risks are minimum and the possibilities are endless.

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