We’ve received reports of fraudulent messages circulating on WhatsApp and Telegram, where individuals pose as recruiters from various companies, including PE Global. These scams involve fake job postings and attempts to extract personal information from recipients. This mirrors the tactics used in other scams where imposters mimic banks or service providers to acquire sensitive data.

We urge our candidates to remain vigilant as scammers might approach you with enticing job offers to obtain personal information or request payments.

Should you receive a message on WhatsApp or Telegram claiming affiliation with PE Global that seems suspicious, please take action by blocking the sender and/or reporting the scam to 7726, a free reporting service provided by phone operators.

For further guidance on identifying phishing messages and appropriate steps to take, visit the Cyber Crime website: Here are key indicators to spot a phishing attempt:

  • Unsolicited message
  • Sender’s unfamiliar number or email address
  • Caution against clicking any included links
  • Offers featuring unrealistic salaries or terms
  • Requests for money or personal details, like your CV
  • Poorly written content with spelling errors

It’s essential to note that our team maintains professionalism and would never make suspicious requests. We appreciate those who’ve shared evidence of this scam. If you encounter such activities or wish to report any concerns, please contact PE Global.

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