A Guide to Agency Nursing in Ireland

A Guide to Agency Nursing in Ireland

12th April 2023

The world of nursing in Ireland can be both rewarding and challenging. Nurses are essential members of society, providing the care and support that patients need to recover from illnesses or injuries. However, the job can be demanding, with long hours and high-stress levels.

For many nurses, agency nursing is a popular alternative to traditional employment. Agency nurses work on a temporary basis for healthcare facilities that need additional staffing support. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of agency nursing in Ireland and explore some of the benefits it offers.

As an agency nurse, you have the freedom to choose when and where you work.

Overview of Agency Nursing

Agency nursing is a flexible type of employment that allows nurses to work on a temporary basis for various healthcare facilities throughout Ireland. These facilities include hospitals, nursing homes, community care centres, mental health facilities, and more.

As an agency nurse, you have the freedom to choose when and where you work. You can select assignments that fit your schedule and interests while gaining experience working with different patient populations.

Benefits of Being an Agency Nurse in Ireland

There are many advantages to being an agency nurse in Ireland:

  1. Flexibility: As an agency nurse, you have control over your work schedule. You can choose assignments that fit your availability and preferences.
  2. Competitive pay rates: In general, agency nurses earn higher hourly rates than permanent staff nurses due to their flexibility.
  3. Variety: Working as an agency nurse allows you to gain experience working with different patient populations in various healthcare settings.
  4. Career development opportunities: Agency nurses often receive training opportunities provided by staffing agencies or facility-specific programs.
  5. Work-life balance: With more control over scheduling and better pay rates than permanent staff positions offer; you may have more time for hobbies or family responsibilities outside of work hours.

In addition to these benefits, being an agency nurse also provides an opportunity for travel within Ireland while maintaining job security since there is always a demand for experienced nurses.

Qualifications for Becoming an Agency Nurse in Ireland

To become an agency nurse in Ireland, you’ll need to have completed a nursing degree or diploma program and hold a current registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). In addition, you’ll need at least one year of post-registration clinical experience to work as an agency nurse.

It’s also important to have excellent communication skills, as agency nurses must work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals and effectively communicate with patients and their families.

It’s worth noting that you may require or must have a Stamp 4 Visa.

Where to Get Additional Training and Education

If you’re looking to enhance your skills and qualifications as an agency nurse, there are many resources available in Ireland. The NMBI offers a range of continuing professional development courses for nurses, including workshops on topics like infection control, wound care management, and communication skills.

You can also consider pursuing additional certifications or specialisations to expand your career opportunities as an agency nurse. For example, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) offers certification programs in areas like palliative care nursing, emergency nursing, and diabetes care nursing.

In addition, many hospitals and healthcare facilities offer their training programs for agency nurses. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can build your skills and increase your marketability as a highly qualified agency nurse in Ireland.

Types of Jobs Available for Agency Nurses in Ireland

As an agency nurse in Ireland, you have the opportunity to work with a wide range of healthcare providers. Here are some types of jobs available:

  • Acute Care: Acute care nurses work in emergency departments, intensive care units, and other critical care settings.
  • Community Care: Community care nurses provide healthcare services to patients in their homes or other community settings.
  • Mental Health: Mental health nurses specialize in providing care to patients with psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.
  • Pediatric Care: Pediatric nurses provide specialized care to children from birth through adolescence.
  • Elderly Care: Elderly care nurses provide healthcare services to the elderly in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities.

Tips on Finding Jobs as an Agency Nurse in Ireland

If you’re interested in working as an agency nurse in Ireland, here are some tips on finding jobs:

  • Research: Do your research on different healthcare providers that hire agency nurses in Ireland. Look at their job listings online or reach out directly to see if they have any openings.
  • Recruitment Agencies: PE Global Healthcare can help connect you with potential employers who need agency nurses. They can also help you navigate the application process and negotiate your pay rate.
  • Networking: Reach out to fellow nurses who have experience working as an agency nurse in Ireland, have worked with PE Global or have attended networking events like job fairs or industry conferences.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn as an Agency Nurse in Ireland?

As an agency nurse, it is essential to understand the benefits of this type of employment and how much can be earned.

  • Average Salary for an Agency Nurse in Ireland

An agency nurse’s salary in Ireland varies depending on the location, level of experience, and qualifications. On average, an agency nurse in Ireland can earn between €20 and €50 per hour, depending on their speciality.

Speciality nurses such as ICU nurses tend to earn more than general nurses because they require specialized training and experience.

  • Benefits and Other Incentives for Being an Agency Nurse in Ireland

Being an agency nurse provides flexibility when it comes to working hours. You can choose when you want to work based on your schedule and availability.

Additionally, being an agency nurse allows you to gain more experience working with different patients with different conditions. This exposure is crucial when seeking permanent employment since most hospitals prefer candidates with diverse experience.

Other incentives that come with being an agency nurse include paid training programs that help enhance your skills and experience, travel allowances if working outside your area of residence, and sign-on bonuses, which are usually offered by agencies looking for more staff during peak seasons.



In conclusion, becoming an agency nurse in Ireland offers flexibility and opportunities to gain diverse experiences while earning competitive rates depending on specialties. It’s important to research the various agencies available before deciding which one suits your needs best. By pursuing additional training opportunities and building your skills over time, you can thrive in this dynamic field while making a positive impact on patients’ lives.

Finally, if you’re interested in working as an Agency Nurse with PE Global Healthcare.  Please get in touch on health@peglobal.net, call +353 (0)21 4297900 or fill out the form below.


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