3 Considerations When Applying for your next Cyber Security Position

In today’s tech environment, with its escalating risks and increasingly sophisticated phishing software, cyber security remains an indispensable necessity. As digital transformation accelerates, it becomes crucial for a company’s ongoing success.

PE Global Technology facilitates connections between tech and cyber professionals, aiding in securing career-defining cyber security roles in Ireland and the UK. Here, we share essential insights for cyber security professionals contemplating their next job move.

Don’t overlook the significance of soft skills. As you advance in cyber security, communication and interpersonal abilities become increasingly vital.

Differentiating Factors Between Large Organisations and Start-ups:

The disparity between large corporations and start-ups is evident. If you prefer structured processes and a defined role focus, a position in a larger organisation might suit you better. Larger entities tend to emphasise risk management—covering audits, monitoring, risk controls, and business advisory services—rather than day-to-day operations.

In larger organisations, a standardised approach with distinct layers of defence—first, second, and third lines—is prevalent. This structure involves top-level management, risk management, compliance, and internal audit functions working together to oversee cyber security controls.

Conversely, in a start-up or smaller company, you may find yourself personally managing all three lines of defence. This autonomy can be appealing if you seek more hands-on involvement.


Crafting Your Cyber Security CV:


When drafting your CV as a professional in this space, keep the personal statement concise, highlighting your expertise and what distinguishes you within the field.

Follow this with a rundown of your technical skills, encompassing your experience with security tools, and programming languages, and work in areas like network security, vulnerability management, ethical hacking, and penetration testing.

List academic and professional achievements, including relevant certifications. If pursuing a qualification, keep the completion date open-ended, such as ‘OSCP – Completion by (date)’.

Don’t overlook the significance of soft skills. As you advance in cyber security, communication and interpersonal abilities become increasingly vital, especially if you transition into managerial roles. Effectively conveying complex concepts to non-tech senior stakeholders requires articulate and confident communication, highlighting previous experiences in leadership and effective communication.


Guidance for Ambitious Cyber Security Professionals:


Continual learning is paramount. Cyber security is a dynamic field, constantly evolving with new challenges. Distinguish yourself by seizing every opportunity to enhance your cyber knowledge, whether through reading or formal accreditation.


Stay updated on prevalent tools and techniques and explore their applications. Numerous sources, such as Twitter, tech events, associations like OWASP, and advisory boards, provide insights into the latest trends in this sector.

Finally, if you’re looking for assistance in finding your dream job in tech. PE Global Technology is here to help, so please get in touch or email queries@peglobal.net.

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