A Day in the Life of a PE Global Recruitment Consultant

In the international recruitment industry/world is dynamic, with that every day brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. As a recruitment consultant at PE Global, one of the foremost recruitment agencies in Ireland, my role requires a blend of strategic insight, interpersonal skills, and of course industry expertise.

So, let’s dive into it and show you what a typical day for a recruitment consultant in PE Global looks like and help showcase what it takes to thrive in this ever-evolving field.

While technical proficiency remains a cornerstone of finance jobs, soft skills play a pivotal role in determining an individual’s effectiveness and potential for growth within an organisation.

Morning: Starting with Client Engagement

The day kicks off early at 8:00 AM, often accompanied by a strong cup of coffee. By 8:15 AM, the office is already buzzing with activity. The first priority is to check emails and messages. Communication is crucial in recruitment, and I personally find being prompt in responding to clients and candidates sets a professional tone for the day. At PE Global, our clients range from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations across sectors like Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Healthcare, IT, and more. So, addressing queries promptly ensures smooth operations and client satisfaction.

At 9:00 AM, we have our daily team meeting. These meetings are brilliant for discussing ongoing projects, sharing insights, and strategising about potential challenges. They really foster a collaborative environment where consultants can align their efforts with the company’s goals and get support, tips and advice from colleagues. I find being part of a supportive team at PE Global is invaluable, as it nurtures a space where ideas can flourish and innovation thrives.


Mid-Morning: Sourcing and Screening Candidates


Around 10:30 AM, my focus shifts to sourcing candidates. I utilising platforms like LinkedIn, job boards, and our own extensive internal database. As a recruitment consultant, my aim is to search for candidates who match the job specifications provided by clients. At PE Global, we are committed to offering tailored recruitment solutions, which means my job is to identify the perfect fit for both the candidate and the client.

Once potential candidates are identified, I move on to the screening process. This involves reviewing CVs, conducting initial phone interviews, and assessing candidates’ qualifications, skills and experience. As a recruitment consultant, you need a keen eye for detail to select the most suitable candidates from a vast pool of applicants.


Lunchtime: Networking and Professional Development


Lunchtime is usually around 1:00 PM depending on your schedule and being flexible to take calls from candidates when they’re free. Lunch for me personally is often a blend of relaxation and webinars. I like to keep up to date with trends so I might attend an industry webinar or networking event, either virtually or in person. Staying abreast of industry trends and expanding one’s professional network is crucial in the recruitment sector. I’m very fortunate that my manager and PE Global encourage its consultants to continuously develop their skills and knowledge.


Afternoon: Client Meetings and Interview Coordination


The afternoon is typically dedicated to client calls/meetings and coordinating interviews. It varies from consultant to consultant but from 2:00 PM, consultants might have scheduled meetings with clients to discuss their hiring needs, provide updates on the recruitment process, and offer any market insights/trends that may be of value to the client. Building strong client relationships is a cornerstone of PE Global’s strategy and success. So, by taking the time to understand each client’s unique needs and company culture, we as a team of consultants can deliver more effective recruitment solutions.

Coordinating interviews between clients and candidates is another important task. Ensuring both parties are well-prepared and informed is vital for a smooth interview process. At PE Global, we aim to provide a seamless experience for all stakeholders, which requires meticulous planning and clear communication.
We also take the time to help prepare our candidates for each interview so that they are fully equipped to deliver their best interview.


Late Afternoon: Follow-ups and Administrative Tasks


By 4:00 PM, my focus shifts to any follow-ups and/or administrative duties I have on my desk. During this time, I or a consultant will follow up with candidates who have attended interviews, gather feedback from clients, and provide updates to all involved parties. Maintaining clear and transparent communication helps build trust and keeps the recruitment process on track.

My administrative tasks include updating the CRM system, managing my job postings, and preparing reports are handled during this time. At PE Global, we’re very fortunate that we get to utilise internal technology to streamline these processes, allowing us the consultants to concentrate more on strategic tasks rather than routine administration.


Evening: Reflecting and Planning Ahead


As the day winds down for a 5:00 PM finish, I’ll take a moment to reflect on the day’s achievements and plan for the next. This may involve setting priorities, scheduling meetings, and simply outlining tasks for the following day. At PE Global, continuous improvement and forward planning are key to maintaining our position as a leading international recruitment agency.




A day in the life of a PE Global recruitment consultant is dynamic and multifaceted. From engaging with clients and sourcing candidates to coordinating interviews and handling administrative tasks, each day presents opportunities to make a significant impact. As one of the premier recruitment agencies in Ireland, PE Globa and we as consultants are dedicated to excellence, providing tailored recruitment solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and candidates.
Working at PE Global is more than just a job; it’s about being part of a team that values collaboration, innovation, and professional growth. For those considering a career in recruitment, PE Global offers a rewarding environment where you can thrive and make a difference in the world of international recruitment.


Finally, if you’re interested in working at PE Global, you can find all our available roles on our careers page.

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