Have you discarded the work armour?

Like it or not we all wear it…the suit, the tie, the heels, the makeup, and the big sunnies we hide behind driving to the office!

Physically mine used to be the hair, makeup, dresses and heels…looking the part was important. Yes, it is still important to look our best as it gives us a sense of professionalism and valour. Looking the part is good for the ego (even if it’s only from the shoulders up at the moment!).

Armour is not all about our outer appearance. Armour is also what we say, do and think.

But it can also give people the completely wrong impression of you. Don’t know how many times I’ve been told by people that they thought I was a proper bitch when they saw me first…of course, then they got to know me and realised my bark was far worse than my bite (yes, a dog related idiom had to be used!).

But armour is not all about our outer appearance. Armour is also what we say, do and think. Armour can also present as defensive and destructive behaviours whether we realise it or not. Armour can exhibit itself as a responsive anger, criticising, petulance, dishonesty, deceitfulness and avoidance.

Striving for perfection and a ‘do no wrong’ approach can also act as armour. We’re afraid to let others see that we’re not perfect, we do have shortcomings and we do fail.

But is your armour weighing you down? Or have you been lucky enough to shed it over the last 18 months as we have become more comfortable with our surroundings and who we are?

How do you shed the weighty layer of protection? Focus on what you lose when you put on the armour. Once we learn to identify what triggers our armour then we learn how to let go of it. Thankfully there has been plenty of time to reflect and analyse our behaviour and triggers. We no longer need to armour up when we’re leaving the house to go to work.

Shedding the armour will lead to you living a more authentic life. You are more than the armour you present to the world. Be you, be honest, and be strong without your shield.

The numbers speak for themselves.

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