The Great Resignation...

With the Great Resignation imminent (or maybe we are already in it), one point that is being lost in the conversation is where are all these people planning on going.

It is great to have a plan and say this is the year of people leaving their jobs and finding a new ones. But where?

Be the company people come to work for


With an increase in the number of new jobs on the market, candidates undoubtedly have more opportunities to move jobs, build on their careers and earn more money.

But your company also has a great opportunity to snap up new talent.

If people are resigning from their current jobs to take up new positions – why not be the company they come to work at?

Everyone fears the Great Resignation and the potential of losing their staff but how about looking at the positive picture – it also means there are plenty more candidates out there looking for something new!

There is a golden opportunity for companies to pitch themselves to eager candidates who are active in the market and looking for their next career move.

While a lot of the talk currently dwells on the negative impact of this Great Resignation, we are over here thinking of the OPPORTUNITIES! Opportunity to snap up great talent for our clients, an opportunity to build up an even better database of quality candidates, and opportunity to find these people the ideal job they are now looking for!

Let’s not beat about the bush here – forget about looking at the negative, there are two sides to every coin. Now we have more and more talent coming into the jobs market looking for new opportunities, of course, we’re going to do our best to snap them up for our clients. We’d be daft not to!

People will always have their reasons for leaving their jobs, be it money, greater flexibility, work culture or a better title.  But as an agency with its finger on the pulse of the market, we are over here waiting on them!  We always promote the best attributes of our clients to our candidates so they know exactly what to expect when leaving their current role for a new one.

By partnering with PE Global, companies can ensure they are getting candidates who align with their own values and ethos.

And similarly,  candidates know they can rely on PE Global to match them to the best roles so that they make their move with great confidence!

Opportunity awaits…..

The numbers speak for themselves.

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