The Importance of Professional Development

Helping your current employees to stay up to date with learning and helping them to add to their skillset is incredibly important as it has the ability to enhance the workplace in numerous ways. By incorporating professional development into your business, you can empower employees to reach a higher level and boost confidence, which in turn creates a better environment, increased performance and better productivity.

Here’s why a development plan is important and how it can be implemented in your business.

Professional development paves the way forward for employees to be a better version of themselves, both from a career point of view and a personal one.

Why is professional development important?


There are many layers to someone’s career development, but all aspects of it can help employees to better themselves. In short, they allow people to:

  • Have access to the opportunity to self-improve
  • Keep up to date on the latest developments
  • Update qualifications
  • Keep track of progress and development
  • Understand success and the steps to it


Professional development paves the way forward for employees to be a better version of themselves, both from a career point of view and a personal one. Continued development and strengthening of weaknesses are a mutual success for both the individual and the business. It makes everyone better and drives standards up.


What skills do you need?


An employee who is engaging with CPD as a way to enhance their ability and fill in gaps in learning will need to ensure they have core skills to take on board, process and use new information.

For starters, they will need to be able to take on board constructive criticism and be able to see that it will help them to become a better-skilled individual. It may also seem obvious, but they will also need to have the drive to learn and the will to succeed in order to be able to be the best person they can be through professional development.

Many people find that being given a professional development plan is a great way to stay motivated and enhance their skillset while still achieving objectives that benefit the overall goal of the company.


A development plan


Incorporating professional development in the workplace is a great idea, but how you implement it is also important. One way to enhance the development of employees and allow them to see their own progress is by incorporating a professional development plan. This can be done through a shared document and regular catch-up meetings over a specific period to check and challenge where the employee is at in their own development.

There are many advantages to creating one for your employees. It allows them to assess themselves, set agreed goals, and develop constructive strategies for success – which include mini goals along the way – create a timeline for achievements and at the end, track success.

It’s a great way to ensure everyone knows where they are, what they’re strong at, what they need to develop and how they need to achieve it.


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