The Importance of Having a Healthy Work Life Balance

More eyes than ever before are on the work-life balance, particularly due to the work-life balance bill in Ireland where new legislation that covers flexible and remote working rights is being introduced.

As a result, it’s time to look at how to balance work and family life, and why doing so is incredibly important for your physical and mental health.

Make sure you make time for your family.


Keeping fit and active is incredibly important to not just your physical well-being but also your mental well-being as well. Sitting at a desk and working constantly can be draining, so you not only need to make sure you take a break but also work out and exercise. 

It can be any kind of exercise, running, walking, strength training, team sports, individual sports, or anything at all. Mixing your day up and taking time out to look after your body can help you to have a better balance.

Check your life structure is right

Knowing how to balance work and family life can be difficult. Make sure you can achieve your ideal work-life balance by ensuring that you have structure to your life that provides you with what you and your family needs – don’t work every hour you’re awake.

Sometimes, to get this right, it might mean that you need to take some time to look at everything you’re doing and how your day is structured to work out what’s best for you. But make sure you do, as getting your life structure and plan right will make a significant difference, otherwise, you may need to hand your notice in and look for something else that is better for you.

Say No

With every passing year the demands at work increase for everyone. More competition from inside the workplace and outside means that we’re being asked to do more, even if it is outside the job specification. But don’t be afraid to just say no. Stay in control and say no to opportunities or situations at work that don’t do much for you. 

Set work and life boundaries when working from home

While it sounds great on paper working from home can provide different concerns for your work/homelife as one blends into the other without much thought. Before you know it, you can be working in the living room or at the dining table with the family.

So, one thing that you must do to correct this is to make sure you set boundaries. It might be areas you work or times you work but make sure you separate family and work time, especially if you’re working from home.

Make time for family

Last but by no means least, and we’ve touched on it a few times here, make sure you make time for your family. While work can unlock many doors for you financially, your family can’t be replaced, so while it seems obvious, make sure that you make time for your family and spend plenty of time with them in order to have a great balance between work and life.

Get the perfect work-life balance with PE Global Jobs

Taking care of your work-life balance is incredibly important and with the recent new bill in Ireland now putting it at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the time is right to find a better role to help you with this. Get in touch with us to find the next step in your career and find a way forward to get the perfect balance.

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