Why Should We Hire You? - Crafting an Elevator Pitch for Job Interviews

Why Should We Hire You?

28th Nov 2023

Preparing for an interview involves strategically positioning yourself as the ideal candidate for the job. The initial inquiry of “Why should I hire you?” often sets the tone for the conversation. A well-crafted response not only engages the interviewer but also shapes the rest of the interaction positively. In this article, we’ll guide you through crafting an elevator pitch for job interviews.

It’s crucial to craft a sharp and impactful answer before stepping into the interview room. Being unprepared risks disengaging the interviewer from the outset and potentially complicating the rest of the conversation.

The "power of three" in communication is remarkably effective in engaging an audience and capturing their full attention.

Presenting Your Best Self to the Interviewer

To excel in this scenario, aim to integrate elements of an “elevator pitch.” In a job interview context, this entails succinctly presenting who you are, your background, and relevant experiences.

Preparing this pitch in advance significantly aids in clearly articulating why you’re the perfect fit for the role.


The Winning Approach to Impress Your Interviewer

Crafting an elevator pitch for job interviews involves highlighting three compelling reasons why the employer should select you. While you’ll elaborate on multiple qualities throughout the interview, outlining three strong points allows for in-depth development and might trigger follow-up queries from the interviewer.

The “power of three” in communication is remarkably effective in engaging an audience and capturing their full attention:

  • Influence the interviewer’s decision: Research in marketing and behavioural sciences discovered that presenting three distinct points, as opposed to four or more, was more persuasive in influencing opinions.
  • Aid memory retention: Utilizing the power of three helps people retain and recall information more effectively, preventing overwhelm and confusion.

Developing Your Flawless Pitch

Addressing the “Why should I hire you?” question necessitates a strategic approach:

  • Begin by expressing what attracted you to the role or the organization, emphasizing alignment with your career goals and passion for their vision.
  • Be concise yet detailed. Every aspect of your response should serve a purpose. Focusing on three key points ensures clarity and avoids overwhelming the interviewer.
  • Identify three pertinent skills that align with the job description, encompassing both technical (“hard skills”) and interpersonal (“soft skills“). Streamline your pitch to encompass only the essential elements that will captivate the interviewer’s interest.

A Sample Elevator Pitch

Consider the following example for your next interview when faced with the “Why should I hire you?” query. View this opportunity as a platform to showcase your abilities and ensure a memorable impression for all the right reasons:

“I’ve been captivated by [Insert Company]’s pioneering approach, which aligns seamlessly with my career aspirations. The opportunity to contribute to a market-leading organization like yours truly excites me.

Three key reasons why I believe I’m the ideal candidate:

  1. I bring robust team management and coaching skills, evident in my history of empowering and developing high-performing teams—a role I find gratifying.
  2. I possess a strong commercial acumen that has delivered tangible results, such as spearheading a 25% sales surge through strategic product repositioning.
  3. My strength lies in innovative and creative thinking, an asset crucial for steering organizations through inevitable change and disruption.

Finally, if you’re looking for assistance in finding your dream job. PE Global are here to help. We’ll also help you craft an elevator pitch and guide you through the entire job-finding process. So please get in touch or email queries@peglobal.net.

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