How To Write The Perfect Job Posting

Guide to posting jobs to your own website

26th August 2022

As well as engaging with PE Global to undertake their recruitment, a number of clients also post their jobs on their own websites in order to increase traction.

But what exactly should you include if you are posting jobs to your own website?

A job posting can make the difference between attracting the best range of candidates for the job and no one.

Some clarity with the role’s responsibilities will help applicants to familiarise themselves with you and be more comfortable before they even apply.

If your job post isn’t appealing, then there’s no reason for people to apply. So how can you ensure that your excellent job gets the attention it deserves and attracts the calibre of talent that will help your business to thrive? Here are some job posting examples and tips to help you get the talent you want. 

Be clear with the job description and detail

Candidates want to know straight away which role they’re applying for. If you start your job description in a way that isn’t clear and concise, then your ideal candidate may scroll to the next one. Start your job posting with a description that clearly identifies what the role is and what it entails. 

Some clarity with the role’s responsibilities will help applicants to familiarise themselves with you and be more comfortable before they even apply.  Such as in our job posting example below.

Salary and benefits 

It is critically important that salary and benefits are made clear to potential candidates. A big reason for this is that most top-tier talent will be attracted to certain salary brackets and benefits – if you don’t post a salary range, then it’s highly likely that the talent you’re trying to attract will simply look at a job posting that has it instead. 

Be brief with details on your company 

Express who you are, not what you do

Candidates care about the company that they’re joining, and many will have a good understanding of what you do. However, use your job posting to explain who you are, what makes you tick and in terms of your company culture, what makes you attractive and different.

What results are you looking for? 

This also plays into the idea of ensuring candidates can visually see themselves at the job. On your job posting, ensure that you state what the objective of the role is. While you don’t have to go into specific numbers, a general idea will allow candidates to weigh up their ambition for the role. You’ll see some job posting examples on this page which gives detail on this idea.

Time your posting 

The time that your job post goes up is also important. Posting at the start of the work week will help to attract candidates as many get the Sunday evening dread of going back to work, and thoughts of changing jobs come to the forefront of many people’s minds. Meanwhile, posting at the end of the week has the reverse effect as people tend to focus more on their weekend plans and what they’re going to do with their spare time. 

Job Posting with PE Global 

You can see some job posting examples on this page but for further information, get in touch with us today. We’ll be more than happy to help you to create the ideal job posting to attract the right candidates for your business. 


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