How To Build A High Performing Team: Step-By-Step

How To Build a High Performing Team

26th June 2023

Everyone wants to build a high-performing team that delivers time and time again. But how is it possible?

Here are a few tips on what’s possible with a high performing team and what makes them tick.

A good team works well when they respect each other and get on.

What is a high performing team and what can it do? 

A high performing team can be the difference between your company growing or running into difficulties. A well-run team that generates results and has a winning attitude can drive your business to success. If you can strike gold and create a culture that allows a team to thrive, then the future will look great, but how can you do it? Well, here are five principles to create a high-performance team. 

5 principles of a high performing team  

We believe that there are five principles of a high performing team that you absolutely need in order to thrive. 

  1. Being Effective 

Effectiveness enhances results. Ways of working and processes that are streamlined give your team more opportunity to focus on their day-to-day job or areas that really make a  difference will help immensely. Be effective in everything that you do, and your skilled team can then focus on getting results and not waste time on paperwork or chasing. 

  1. Respect and Togetherness 

A good team works well when they respect each other and get on. Having a good team spirit is something that everyone wants to create and while it’s an aspect that comes naturally, if you are able to fit the right people and personalities together, you can create a bond which enhances the entire team. 

  1. Clear Goals and Objectives 

Everyone works better and performs well when the objectives and goals are clear and easy to understand. High-performance teams usually thrive when they can not only see what they are looking to achieve but can also see progression towards it. 

  1. Stability 

While change can sometimes be a good thing, getting results will require consistency both in training and development, as well as people. Making sure everyone knows who they’re working with will mean that they can bounce off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses,  creating bonds through stability that strengthen the performance of the entire team. Regular personnel changes (and environmental changes as well) can lead to uncertainty and impact results. 

  1. Continued Evolution

We alluded to it under stability but making sure all the members of a team are constantly being allowed to evolve their own skillset will only be a good thing. Adding new skills, exploring new areas and even upgrading software and hardware that your teams work with will only allow them to get better. 

Create a high performing team 

Whether you are in the process of enhancing a leading high performing team already or are looking to build one from scratch, find the right people for the right team and positions through PE Global. 

We have a range of resources which can help but do feel free to get in touch and ask us today how to build a high performing team that follows our five principles. 

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