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SPECIALTY DOCTOR – Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Full Time
  • Southampton, Hampshire, UK
  • 42000876

This is a new post and an ideal opportunity for a suitably qualified individual looking to develop skills within an Obs and Gynae Department. The position will allow the candidate to meet their training and education objectives within their clinical responsibilities.

Main duties of the job

  • Assume clinical responsibility for patients under the consultant obstetrician and gynecologists’ care, including administrative tasks.
  • Manage patients with obstetric and gynaecological issues under consultant supervision.
  • Perform medical and obstetric procedures typical of a middle-grade doctor, including labor management, C-sections, instrumental deliveries, and handling obstetric emergencies.
  • Coordinate patient care rotations in Hospital alongside other middle-grade doctors, following consultant decisions.
  • Initiate emergency treatments and oversee elective admissions for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • Participate in outpatient clinics, hospital wards, and departments district-wide.
  • Supervise junior doctors, actively contributing to their education and training.
  • Cover Middle Grade duties for absences due to sickness, annual leave, and study leave when appropriate.
  • Perform additional assigned duties as required.
  • Experience


    • Completed a minimum of 1 year specialty registrar or equivalent training in obs & gynae in the UK


    • Previous experience of working in an O&G post within the UK
    • Suitable experience to allow or past experience of second on-call



    • Management and audit relevant to speciality


    • Ability to undertake research projects and audit

For more information please contact

Direct Line  :  +44 204 512 6601

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