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27th January 2021

Two years ago I came to Ireland with my husband who was relocated to Ireland by his company. He is working in the pharmaceutical industry. Just before relocation I completed my PhD in Medical Physics and was open to new career opportunities.

My first interview in a new country and I secured a job one week

After a couple of months of settling in Ireland and getting registration documents in order, I uploaded my CV to popular headhunting/recruitment websites. One or two days later PE Global called me and suggested a number of positions for me to consider in the Medical Devices industry.

I decided to pursue the role of Project Engineer as this was the most relevant to my previous experience. Before my initial interview with PE Global’s client, I had a meeting with Recruitment Consultant, Seán Molloy of PE Global, who explained the interview process with this client, what questions to prepare for and what else to expect from the interview. This helped me greatly in my preparation for the interview as it was my first interview in Ireland and it is much different in comparison with my experience of interviewing previously.

The following day I had my interview. Everything went well. All Seán’s interview tips proved very useful. I was very surprised at how friendly my potential future manager was and I was impressed with the manufacturing process that I saw at the factory site after the interview.

The next day I received a call from Seán in PE Global congratulating me on my successful interview and I was offered the role. Seán then sent me out the employment contract which I gladly signed.  So, it was my first interview in a new country and I secured a job one week after publishing my CV online. And an added bonus is that it is a job I really like!

During my first year of employment, PE Global supported me and was there to help me if I needed help. Luckily, I was really happy with my role and there were no issues to resolve.

From this initial role, I progressed to a Project Lead role in the company’s New Product Introduction Department. Here, we are responsible for commencing production for new products including all development and validation activities. I’m now working on my third project and have two successful launches completed. The products that I worked on with my team are already on market and we even received videos and photos from the first surgery utilising our product. It is an absolutely fantastic feeling to see how the products that I have developed and manufactured are in use and helping people to live healthy lives while making their quality of life better.

To summarize I would like to say that I was absolutely lucky and happy to work with PE Global, and in particular Seán Molloy, and to get such an interesting position in the medical device industry in Cork.

Project Lead, placed with an orthopaedic and neurosurgery client in Cork

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