Why Medical Jobs Are Rewarding, Fulfilling and Unmatched

Why You Should Choose a Medical Job

13th Jun 2022

Jobs in the healthcare and medical sectors can be extremely fulfilling. Whether it’s working in either the public or private sector as a healthcare professional, you’ll find a range of openings but what type of jobs are available and what do you need to make sure you’re successful in your job hunt?

Jobs in the healthcare and medical sectors can be extremely fulfilling.

A lot of healthcare organisations within the sector have a range of openings, from entry-level, e.g. HCA or newly qualified healthcare professionals right through to ones that require extensive qualifications and experience such as Consultants and SPRs. In this article, we’ll explore the different options for medical jobs and answer questions that many people have when it comes to jobs in healthcare in Ireland and the UK.

The Different Medical Career Options

Within the healthcare and medical sector there are numerous positions available, giving you a range of ways into the industry depending on your strengths and what you want to achieve. Below, we go through some of the broader job positions on offer.

Nursing Jobs

Nursing jobs can be very rewarding, especially if you have great communication and interpersonal skills as well as the attitude to deliver exceptional patient care to the highest standards. It’s also a job that has incredible development opportunities and will see you get involved with a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis, helping you to grow and add more strings to your bow than many other positions.

Doctors Jobs

Incredibly important for jobs in healthcare, the role of a doctor is to diagnose and treat medical conditions, whether they be physical or mental. This is done through years of knowledge and experience, not just on-the-job work but also extensive training through earned qualifications and training. 

There are many different varieties of doctors as well, covering a range of sectors within healthcare, from general surgery and psychiatry to trauma, cardiology, emergency medicine and many more. 

Social Care Jobs

A vital part of the community, social care jobs are also incredibly rewarding, offering a high level of job satisfaction due to the nature of the work. Looking after and providing care to those who most need it can be incredibly rewarding and with many roles available, social care jobs provide a platform for personal development.

HSE and NHS Jobs

Roles in the HSE and NHS are incredibly important, as ultimately, they are responsible for providing and maintaining the health and welfare of a vast amount of people who depend on the service nationwide. Jobs in healthcare within the HSE and NHS are incredibly important both inside offices and centralised locations, as well as externally across the country.


If you’re interested in a career in the medical and healthcare sector then we have put together several questions that you might want answers to below:

How can I get a Healthcare and Medical job?

Whether you want a career as an Allied Health Professional, nurse, doctor or something else, the road to getting a job within the healthcare sector can be long, but also incredibly fulfilling. Many roles will start with either on-the-job training at a low level or require hours of education and certified qualifications to get started – but achieving this goal is entirely possible, at any age.

What training is required, and can I develop my knowledge on the job?

Depending on the role, the training for a position in any medical job will vary quite considerably. You’ll receive consistent on-the-job training that will help to bolster knowledge already picked up through previous experience and earnt qualifications.

Further training is always available and due to the nature of the work, with new methods and ways of working helping to develop PE Global Healthcare’s understanding of healthcare needs means that continuous personal development is essentially a prerequisite in professional healthcare. You’ll always be learning and improving how you work.

What type of qualifications do I need and how can I attain them?

For medical jobs, the qualifications you need will depend on the exact type of job that you’re after, with adult college and university placements are possible with some also offering on-site education to help you to achieve the job that you want, while experiencing it.

As an example, clinical roles within the sector will naturally require a clinical qualification to start your journey, however, you will also need to ensure you have the right attitude and ability to work under pressure to successfully thrive within the sector. It’s a sector where knowing what to do needs to be combined with knowing how to act in a variety of situations.

What is working in healthcare like?

There is no escaping the fact that jobs in healthcare are demanding and pressurised but it’s also unmatched when it comes to how rewarding and fulfilling it can be. Helping people through tough times with their physical or mental health and through to the other side is incredibly satisfying and no job offers a reward quite like that of helping others.

While, as mentioned, there are numerous pressures for the role and long hours, especially initially, the sector provides an incredible amount of opportunity for personal development, both academically and on a human level.

How can I find out more about working in the medical and healthcare sector?

For more information on what working in a medical job and healthcare sector is like, what roles are available and how you can apply for them, get in touch with us here at PE Global Healthcare, we’ll be more than happy to help you into your next role within the industry.

Visit www.peglobalhealthcare.net or call 0818 22 20 18 or email health@peglobal.net for more information.

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