Returning home to Ireland to work

Returning home to Ireland and how PE Global can help

“Should I return home to Ireland?”

How many Irish people living overseas ask themselves that question on a daily basis, while missing their family, friends and home comforts.

Most of us at some stage have considered the attractive benefits of joining the thousands of Irish people working abroad in various locations throughout the globe.  While there are many attractive advantages to making the move, a lot of us agree that there’s no place like home (Dorothy and her red shoes were right after all!).

A move home raises many questions that most people haven’t considered before

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed all our lives over the past year.  Even with the introduction of vaccines, the outlook for the foreseeable future is that it is going to have an ongoing effect over the coming year.  With this, we’ve seen an surge in email enquiries in PE Global from Irish people working abroad asking us what the Irish jobs market is currently like as they consider taking the step to return home for good.

As someone who has lived away from home for extended periods of time, I know I struggled just as much with the decision to come home as I did with leaving initially. Luckily Ireland as a relocation destination has a lot to offer.

A move home raises many questions that most people haven’t considered before until they need to.

Do I hold out for an offer before I move back or should I wait and look for a job when I return home? Are there many jobs in Ireland? Has Covid-19 affected my industry? What salary should I expect? 

These are all valid questions!  The good news is we’re here to help at PE Global.  Every day we are speaking to companies and candidates alike who are active in the market.

This year alone we have assisted candidates returning home from Asia, Australia, Canada, mainland Europe and the UK.  PE Global work with industry leaders in a number of different fields who are always interested in attracting the best talent in the market and regularly assist with relocation.

With Covid-19 guidelines in full effect across the country, many companies have shifted to fully remote operations, meaning that virtual interviews are now the standard for everyone making it easier than ever to secure a position before getting on the plane to come home.  (See our tips for Remote Interviewing)

The fully remote working strategy advised by the Irish Government has its advantages for people looking to get on their feet when returning home, we’ve seen many people secure roles in Dublin or Cork but remain working in their own home removing the need to find alternative accommodation in some of the country’s cities where accommodation is harder to come by.

Companies now more than ever are willing to assist experienced candidates in their relocation back to Ireland.  We have seen companies in certain cases support flights and relocation costs which takes a huge burden off the thought of returning home to Ireland.

The good news is, there is jobs out there.  Many sectors naturally took a severe hit last year due to Covid-19.  I primarily operate in the Life Science sector recruiting for some of Ireland largest Pharmaceutical, Biopharma and Medical Device companies, and while plans have changed several times and roles were moved to being remote instead of onsite, we have seen an increase in demand for qualified candidates in certain cases.  Recently with some positive news on the Covid-19  vaccines we have seen other industries put in place plans to begin actively recruiting for this year with the hopes of running post Covid-19 world in the not to distant future.

If you are one of the many thousands of people who has moved abroad in recent years, now considering a move home to Ireland in the near future we are here to help.

The main thing to remember is that a recruitment agency is here to help!  There’s no commitment or obligation when speaking to us, we’re more than happy to have a chat, discuss potential options, offer advice and discuss a potential new role.

We also offer CV review and preparation for the Irish job market (More information here). If you’ve been away for a number of years it’s advisable to get a Recruitment Consultant to go over your CV with you to tailor it to a specific position you are applying for.  Different companies are looking for different things on a candidates CV. Every day we are dealing with companies, so naturally we have an advantage to get your CV in the best possible shape when applying for a role.

We also advise on recruitment practices, interview skills and training relevant to the Irish jobs market. Typically, when we put you forward for a role, we will go over the role in detail, advise on what to expect in your interview and any typical questions our clients like to ask!  We’ve all been there: coming out of an interview where you hadn’t prepared an answer to a question and wish you could go back in time and answer it again. Going through this interview preparation mitigates that risk so you are able to put your best foot forward going in to the interview.  Once you do this, you will inspire confidence on the interviewer that you are the right person for the job and your own confidence will soar when you are prepared.

What to do next? If you are thinking of returning home to Ireland to work the first thing to do is get in contact with us.  As mentioned previously there’s no obligation when getting in touch with us, we can run through your CV and your previous experience and let you know what’s currently out there in the Irish jobs market.

Visit our website  for up-to-date vacancies.  You will also find our expert Recruitment Consultants in your chosen field who are more than happy to help with securing your next role.  Alternatively if you would like to discuss your career options please contact us on +353 21 4297900 or upload your CV and we will get in touch with you.  Whilst we are all working from home, it is still business as normal and we are still contactable!

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