Time waits for no man...or woman!

Time waits for no man...or woman!

29th October 2020

When a lot of us were initially presented with the new concept of WFH we relished it.  There’s no doubt that the opportunity to avoid the daily commute to the office was welcome. Yes, we needed a break from the monotony of sitting in our cars for hours on end every week, from getting ready for work the night before, from queuing for lunch at our local Spar/Centra at lunchtime (oh what I’d give to queue for a Chopped Salad right now…I might even go mad and have a bag of Tayto Treble Crunch!)…but did we really think we would still be here 9 months later!

It’s time to breathe and start thinking about what our next move is

But with this came the worry about job security…again, did we think we would still be here in 9 months?! Suddenly we started to think that maybe this was just the start of worse things to come! But now we’re starting to see people we are connected with on Linkedin starting new jobs, and not because they were amongst the unfortunate ones to lose their jobs during Covid-19, or because they jumped ship for fear of losing their jobs…but because they genuinely realised that the jobs market hasn’t taken a dive off the edge of a cliff but instead yes there are actually jobs out there! God, I hope I haven’t jinxed the recruitment sector now!

Now that we realise our jobs are more secure than they were at the start of the pandemic maybe it’s time to breathe and start thinking about what our next move is. There’s nothing worse than having to look for a job due to redundancy and as they say, it’s easier to find a job when you are in a job. But now that we feel under less pressure to keep our jobs, is it now the time for you to look for a job because you WANT to?

Maybe you’ve had time to reflect on your job over the past number of months. Maybe you suddenly have the time to realise that you don’t even actually like your job! Maybe you realise that you no longer have to be grateful to your employer for keeping you in employment while so many around you lost their jobs.

So, maybe now that the fog has started to clear somewhat and we can start to look towards the future…it’s time to do exactly that.

People are reaching out, they are going after the companies that they want to work for and taking their careers to the next level instead of sitting in their kitchens waiting to see what will happen. No point sitting there with another cup of tea waiting for Godot…only you can make things happen. Update your CV, make the calls, use your Linkedin contacts, and get your CV in front of recruiters.

There’s nothing more encouraging than seeing a company making an announcement that they are creating 100 new jobs.  But while not all companies are announcing job creation, they are still creating them!  Jobs are coming online, companies are expanding, and people are moving onto new jobs.

So what are you waiting for? Have the courage to go out and get what you want and never wait for something to happen…go out and make it happen.

Go and send your CV into our recruiters today (God they’ll probably hate me if they are inundated this week!).  You didn’t hear it from me but their email address is queries@peglobal.net!  Or if you would prefer a more softly-softly approach and just want to see what’s out there log onto www.peglobal.net to view our current list of live roles.

One thing this pandemic has taught us is that life is too short…too short to be unhappy, too short to be in the wrong job, too short to be taken for granted, too short for regrets (as well as shoes that hurt and bad music!).

If you are currently looking for a new role please send your CV to queries@peglobal.net or call +353 21 4297900

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