Maximizing Your Interview Success: Mastering the 'Why Do You Want This Job?' Question

Maximizing Your Interview Success: Mastering the 'Why Do You Want This Job?' Question

5th Dec 2023

Among the most commonly asked interview questions is, “Why do you want this job?” Yet, what appears to be a straightforward inquiry presents ample room for missteps. Many candidates falter by providing overly simplistic or generic responses like seeking “a new challenge” or expressing interest in a company solely because it appears to be a good workplace. Unfortunately, these standard answers often lead to candidates missing out on making the interview shortlist.

The process of hiring new personnel involves both time and financial investments. Therefore, your response must assure the interviewer that you are a worthy investment – someone who stands out as an enthusiastic and committed hire capable of making significant contributions to the company. Although it might seem like a lofty demand, with the right structure and approach, you can leverage the question “Why do you want this job?” to showcase your capabilities.

Whether you've harboured a long-standing interest in the brand or recently discovered it while exploring new opportunities, articulating your specific thoughts about the company is vital when responding to this question.

A Closer Look at the “Why Do You Want This Job?” Question


Seasoned interviewers are unimpressed by answers they’ve encountered numerous times before. Generic responses fail to address what they genuinely want to understand – your specific interest in this particular job at this specific company.

To leverage this question to your advantage, it’s crucial to demonstrate your passion for the company, the role, and your personal career development. By articulating these aspects clearly and cohesively, you significantly enhance your prospects of securing the position.


Demonstrate Your Enthusiasm for the Company


Individuals who take pride in and demonstrate a passion for their company often excel in their roles. Their motivation propels them to go above and beyond to achieve success, benefiting not only themselves but also their team and the broader business. Conveying genuine enthusiasm during the interview is paramount.

Whether you’ve harboured a long-standing interest in the brand or recently discovered it while exploring new opportunities, articulating your specific thoughts about the company is vital when responding to this question. Discuss how the company’s mission and values align with your own. Highlight specific products, services, or recent achievements that excite you.


Highlight Your Excitement for the Role


The interviewer aims to gauge your motivation through this question. They seek to ascertain not just your competence for the job but also your genuine interest in performing it. Professionals who derive satisfaction from their roles tend to be more loyal and effective. Hence, when addressing the question of “why do you want this job,” emphasize your excitement for the opportunity. Share your reaction upon discovering the job advertisement and explain how you perceive it aligns with your skills and ambitions. Essentially, convey why you would be the most enthusiastic candidate for this position.


Illustrate How This Opportunity Facilitates Your Progress


Remember, the interviewer is seeking someone who can add immediate value and contribute in the long run. An ideal candidate exhibits ambition, drive, and a commitment to self-improvement.

When responding to the question, articulate your desire for growth within the role. Detail how specific job aspects would facilitate your professional development. Provide a detailed and tailored plan for how you envision progressing within your career at this company.


Express Your Gratitude


Conclude your answer by reiterating your appreciation for being invited to interview. This final remark is an opportunity to succinctly summarize and exhibit your suitability for the role.


An Exemplary Response


Consider this robust answer to the question “Why do you want this job?” provided by a marketing executive interviewing for a role in the cybersecurity industry:

“Cyber security is an ever-evolving and crucial industry that I’ve grown deeply passionate about over the years. During this time, I’ve closely followed [company X] as a trailblazing market leader. Your provision of proactive solutions and industry insights resonates with me, and the prospect of joining your team excites me immensely.
What particularly intrigued me about the role upon reading the job description was its strong focus on social media, which aligned perfectly with my expertise. While social media marketing is my forte, I acknowledge its continuous evolution, necessitating ongoing development of my skills. Joining a forward-thinking industry leader like [company X], with its advanced social media strategy, presents an unparalleled opportunity for learning from experts. It’s an environment that will enable me to reach my fullest potential by leveraging available learning and career growth opportunities.

To summarize, this role and company harmonize with my interests, skill set, and aspirations, and I am thrilled to be considered for this opportunity.”


Key Considerations Regarding the “Why Do You Want This Job?” Question


An answer encompassing all the outlined elements will resonate positively with the interviewer. Remember, they often encounter similar generic responses from candidates. By adopting a more personalized and deliberate approach, you distinguish yourself as the most fitting candidate for the job.

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