Doctor Testimonials

Doctor Testimonials

Here's just a few things our Candidates have to say about us!


"It gives me great satisfaction writing this letter highlighting the journey I have had with PE Global for helping me go through the recruitment process for NHS.

Vignesh has been an absolute gentleman in helping me through this journey. His attention to my needs and understanding of the requirement to what needs to be done and sorted was absolutely monumental.  The way he handled the situation, especially during the pandemic was outstanding.

The communication was precise and up to the point, which was my preferred way of communication.

Vignesh went beyond his capacity in helping me to be sorted out with my journey.

I would not hesitate in recommending Vignesh to any of my colleagues and hopefully we will work together again in the future."

Dr. Abbas, Senior Clinical Fellow – Acute Medicine, UK Midlands


"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the valuable assistance you provided me during my recruitment process with this prestigious Hospital.

The information you provided me regarding the hospital work climate, the position requirements, and your interviewing process was invaluable in preparing me both for my initial interview with you and for my subsequent interviews. Your efforts went a long way toward making me feel comfortable and engaged even in the midst of what I know was a highly competitive job search.

I truly appreciate the time you spent to help me to get this post."

Dr. Marwa, Speciality Doctor (Paediatrics), South East London


"I would like to express my thanks to PE Global and Vignesh for his much appreciated help relocating and moving to a Trust in the NHS. I contacted and discussed my interest with Vignesh and he helped to find a very good position that matched what I was looking for.  I would highly recommend PE Global for anyone who interested in finding a good position in the UK."

Dr. Mohammed, Emergency Medicine Speciality Doctor, Lincolnshire


"It was a wonderful experience working with Vignesh Vetrivel in moving from Dubai to UK. He was there with the latest information on travel and movement across the continents even during these unprecedented times which made my journey a lot easier. I would highly recommend PE global and especially Vignesh to anyone looking to move to UK. Thanks a lot and All the best for your future endeavours."

Dr. A. Tulsani, Speciality Doctor Anaesthetics, East Midlands


"My journey with Vignesh has been absolutely wonderful.  He was always there and approachable. He helped me to get a type of job I was looking for. He was always checking up on me and even asked me if I needed any help with sorting out the accommodation. It was a pleasure working with PE Global and I wish him good luck for his future."

Dr. D Hinduja, ST1 Medicine, East Midlands


"It was wonderful working with Vignesh Vetrivel who was quick to respond and very approachable. The job role I applied for was at a great hospital and it felt like Vignesh has thought about my own needs in the role and certainly did his best to meet those.” 

Dr. Katherine, Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine, Southeast England


"It has been a tough journey, relocating to the UK in these unprecedented times, the coronavirus pandemic. But Vig was always there for me and  he made every step in the journey look easy, because of his hard work, honesty and dedication.  I don’t have enough words to thank him and appreciate his tremendous energy.  I wish you all the best in your career.  Thank you Vig."

Dr. Salah, Speciality Doctor – Acute Medicine, Surrey


"It had been a pleasure working with Vig. I was contacted by Vig after he saw my CV online. He got me a job almost instantly. He was constantly in contact with me and made sure I've settled down in my new post. I really appreciate his help throughout."

Dr. Ivy, General Surgery, London


"I would like to say big thank you for you and I do appreciate your kind help. You made my journey to the UK much more easier by helping me and answering my questions. I have many friends who are doing PLAB 2 exam now and I will ask you to help them in finding a suitable job for them."

Dr. Abdul, Haemotology, Essex 


"I am really grateful to Vignesh Vetrivel who was always there to guide me through all the process right from GMC application , Job search , arranging for the accomodation as well follow up calls after joining to offer guidance for food points , popular apps as well as for opening bank accounts as I am new in Uk . It was really nice feeling to have all this support in a new environment."

Dr.Ullah, Speciality Doctor – Medicine, Bristol Region


"My journey with PE Global had been great. Vignesh was very helpful, motivating and found me work in the private health sector. I had all the support I needed and Vig was always there when I had queries and sorted things asap. He is such an asset to this agency!

Thank you!"

Dr. McKenna, Locum SHO Doctor, Scotland


"Please allow me to express my gratitude for your outstanding help and support throughout the recruitment process.

I have dealt with number of recruitment agent and agencies throughout my career and I have not experienced anyone with the same level of your punctuation, response time, professionalism, knowledge, friendliness, follow up, and keenness to work and achieve various goals and tasks.

You have taken extra miles that you are not obliged to do, to ensure the smoothness of the process in a timely manner.

Very small details I have noticed that reflects how well you are with business and time management. You were available to answer and respond to any queries, doubts, and questions I had anytime during the week, even on your off days! The continues follow up throughout, and the number of reminders for every step of the process you have given me to ensure that I am track. Down to the smallest details about what time i should be leaving the house, the route to take, and the duration of the journey to ensure that I have a proper plan and prepared to attend the interview, government applications appointments, and any other milestone throughout.

I have felt that I was dealing with my best friend, perhaps my older brother that would guide me, rather than dealing with a recruitment officer.

You might think that I am exaggerating or giving you compliments. But I am just stating facts.

You indeed have the characteristics of the perfect role model to represent what business management has to be like.

Last but not least,

Thank you for all your kind and outstanding support and help!"

Dr. Y Khouli, ST1/2 – Surgery - Essex


"It was a nice journey with PE Global and I am thankful to Mr.Vignesh especially as he was always there to help and support in each step for availing this job.I really appreciate the efforts done by the agency to recruit in this job. I would say that without their efforts ,it was quiet difficult for me to achieve this target .

In future also I want to take help from PE Global  whenever I needed.

Thanks for all you have done."

Dr. U Raees, Speciality doctor in Anaesthetics - York and Humber


"I have only words of appreciation regarding the help and support received from PE Global Healthcare represented by Vignesh Vetrivel, during this year. It was all the time a very good communication, I have received the job that I wanted and I have received advice with every step in my jobs. The payment was always in time, always checked and any problems raised solved very quick.

Thank you again."

Dr. Camelia, Specialist Medicine – Private, Wales


"My name is Dr.Sayeed and I am writing this to express my gratitude to Vignesh Vetrivel PE Global Agency's senior recruitment consultant.

My story was a bit different from other doctors since I had a career gap and I have a young family to look after. When I got my GMC registration, my chances of finding a job according to my circumstances were minimal. I consider myself very lucky that Vignesh found my CV online and he contacted me regarding applying for jobs. Being new to the system as an international medical graduate every step was challenging. However, he helped me through each step, starting from CV amendments till embarking on a permanent contract and the process went smoothly.

At the moment I am extremely happy with my job since my working hours and the pay scale is absolutely suiting my current situation, and I can look after my family and young kids.

I would highly recommend PE Global Agency for your successful career life ahead.

Dr Sayeed"

Dr.Sayeed, Locum Doctor – NHS / Private, London


"I’m writing this to thank Vignesh Vetrivel and PE Global. Currently, I’m working as a junior clinical fellow in A&E. After completing PLAB, I was searching for a suitable job. I have been contacted by Vignesh after he found my CV on CV Library. Initially I thought as it’s a usual call from a job agency which I received from several agency. Before his call, my experience from most of the agencies was asking for several documents before processing any application. But the call from Vignesh was a quick call in which he asked for my desired speciality and location only. The second call was to confirm about a hospital. He arranged my interview in a very short period and guided me throughout the process in a professional way. He introduced me a colleague who was working at the same Trust, and I was able to get help regarding preparation for interview.  After the interview, I was informed about the outcome within a short time and he dealt with the HR regarding process of my placement and confirmation.

This is my first job in UK, therefore I didn’t have much idea about the process in UK. Vignesh and PE Global guided me through each step and made everything very easy. I didn’t have to do or worry much about anything as he dealt everything and was giving regular update.

After I started to work Vignesh make regular calls to make sure everything is okay.
I am sincerely grateful to Vignesh Vetrivel and PE Global regarding my career in UK.  I’m expecting to work with them in the future when I look for a new job.

I highly recommend Vignesh Vetrivel and PE Global regarding a career in NHS.

Thank you


Dr.B.Sivakanth - A&E Dept., London


Hi, My name is Omar and I'm currently working as an A&E SHO. This is my 1st UK job posting and all the thanks goes to PE Global and its Senior Recruitment Officer, Vignesh Vetrival, PE Global was thankfully able to secure an interview for me within a very short period of time as my journey started in March, at the same time I applied to NHS post through the official jobs site of which my 1st interview call came 5 months after that!

Mr. Vignesh was very proffesional and very swift in replying to any enquiry I had regardless of how silly it was as I had lots of bumps along the way from my side in regards to documentation.

They dealt with the Trust HR and various departments which you will see it can be crazy if you do it on your own.

PE Global supported me with tips and instructions in regards to my flight and travel, and also booked my hospital accomodation for me.

Even after starting my job and getting settled, Vignesh still makes regular contact asking if everything is okay and if I need any help with settling down.

I am sincerely grateful for their service, especialy Vignesh for making my relocation to the UK as easy as possible and i will continue using there services in securing future jobs and Locum Shifts.

Dr. O.Siag - A&E SHO - Emergency Medicine


"I am writing this email to thank the team who were involved in the process of my hiring and settling. I am really grateful to all of them. Recently arrived to UK. It was really a reassuring fact that I applied to the job through PE Global. You have been really very supportive throughout the process of recruitment. I have already started recommending my colleagues who are looking into career growth to approach you. Vignesh has been a real support throughout. We had tough times at many steps but he guided me very well and I guess he had this recruitment as a learning case too.It is a lovely beginning & I wish to have a great experience at work too.

Thanks for being there."

Dr. Faheem - Registrar – Obs & Gyn


"We were introduced to PE Global by one of our friends last year. That's how we came to know Vignesh Vetrivel. He is one of the senior recruitment consultants in PE Global who became our friend since that time. He helped us from CV writing to follow-up care after we started working in NHS. We secured jobs in North West of England and we cannot even thank Vig enough as he played pivotal role in our journey to NHS. We highly recommend our fellow IMG to work with PE Global as it is the best consultation agency regarding NHS jobs."

Dr. Phyo and Dr. Nyan - CT2 - Medicine 


"I really appreciated your help. You managed to understand the type of job I was looking for and gave me all the tools to do a good interview and finally get accepted.  I appreciate all the pieces of advice you gave me and the support you showed me when I arrived here."

Dr.Elettra - Accident & Emergency 


"It's been a short but great journey from start to finish. There may have been a few downs, but nothing to eclipse the  execution of effort and time that you put into securing me a place in Pilgrim Hospital.   Work is treating me well, and I appreciate having been placed in Boston for my first job. Getting a job via an agency was personally quite apprehensive, however Vig and PE Global ablated those worries, while I sat back on my couch.  I commend and thank you sincerely for all the help you provided."

Dr.Rohan - FY2 – A&E


"Hello, I was referred to PE Global by one of my friends, he had a very good experience with them and I was very thankful I was able to get in contact with them.  Vig contacted me and advised me on how to improve my CV. I was asked which speciality I would prefer and he started searching for the suitable opportunity for me. Soon I was offered an interview and luckily I got the job.Vig was very kind and helpful throughout the journey, always there to answer any questions I had. He also helped me with booking the accommodations. I strongly recommend PE Global to anyone who asks me for advice.  Thank you."

Dr. Fatima -  SHO – A&E  


"My husband and I, had a really good experience with PE GLOBAL HEALTHCARE. We were both very anxious about getting jobs in the same city or area and this agency helped us so much. Right now we’re both working in the same hospital with really good work environment and a lot of learning. This agency made sure that our job contact was upto the mark and made us aware of our rights as working doctors. We are both very happy to have contacted PE GLOBAL for help."

Dr.R Jarral - Medicine


"About 6 months from now me and my then fiance were looking for a job together in a same hospital. Even though we were able to land interviews but none at the same place. And then Vignesh helped us get a job at Pilgrim. It was not just his ability to get us the job. Rather his proactive approach towards any problems we could have faced was the thing that stands up the most. And I was more than happy to refer many other doctors towards him as well and I would as well in the future."

Dr.S Khurram - Medicine


"My journey with PE Global Healthcare was awesome all through.

Got to know about this recruitment agency through a friend and I was able to speak to one of their agents (Vignesh Vetrivel) that same week who was very polite and forthcoming.He booked a chat session with me and asked me to send my CV. Vig was able to secure an interview for me within a week of sending my CV,which was my first NHS interview,guided me through all i needed to have a successful interview and updated me with neccessary information.

Needless to say,I got the job and our relationship didn't end there,he helped in negiotiating the perfect salary,helped with acquiring my COS, helped with travel and relocation plans and ensured I got a good accommodation. Also linked me up with other doctors who were employed with the same trust,which went a long way in making me feel at home.

We still maintain contact and he still checks on me to enquire about settling down and my welfare.

In conclusion,PE Global not only helps in securing an NHS job ,but also go all the way in making settling in as comfortable as possible.I would definitely recommend them to prospective doctors looking for NHS placements in the UK.

Thank you PE Global Healthcare."

Dr.Ola - CT1 – Medicine 


"I just want to take the chance to thank you  for the effort and help you provided to me through the process of getting the job and finishing the steps in the hiring process Thank you, you have been most helpful"

Dr Mohamed - Speciality Doctor – Surgery 


"Good evening,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the all help PE Global gave with the job search and with the whole process of moving. Vig went beyond expected to make sure I was settling in well and made the move very pleasant. Again thank you.


Dr. K Mohammed - Accident & Emergency – Clinical Fellow 


"It was an absolute pleasure working with PE Global - Vignesh. One day I got a message from him and I was a bit apprehensive at first, thinking why is a person who I don’t even know helping me to get a job and that too without any fees! But then speaking to him made me realise he could help me obtain a job. Before I knew it, I got an interview and secured the job in just a mere few days. A lot of people spend weeks applying for jobs and hoping to get a single interview. But for me, I just gave one interview and got the job all thanks to Vignesh. Even after getting the job he helped me sort out the minor details which was really appreciated. PR Global Healthcare and especially Vignesh helped me continue my career here and for that I’m truly grateful. Anyone who works with PE Global Healthcare, I guarantee will be successful!"

Name : Dr.S.Sarkar - Trauma & Ortho  – Clinical Fellow 


"I was introduced to PE global via Vignesh at a time when I had so many things going on... I had just gotten my GMC registration and then my kid was also in a near fatal accident. I was about to give up or put a hold on my career plans in UK when I met Vig...

He was so proactive and motivating, I felt I couldn't disappoint him. Sooner than I expected, I had my first job interview scheduled. Vignesh was very helpful with advice, tips and suggestions, I actually had a Skype interview in the family room of a hospital ward.

To my greatest pleasure, I was offered the job. I noticed that Vignesh had my best interest in negotiations and facilitating the promptness of all the paperwork. Even after relocating he keeps in touch and finds ways to make my transition smoother.

PE Global has played a vital role for me. I am pleased with their services and I would recommend them to anyone at anytime!!!


Dr.Pauline, CT1 – Medicine 


"I had a very good experience working with PE Global  towards getting my first job in NHS UK. Within a few days of contactig Mr. Vignesh, he arranged my first interview via skype. He knows his job very well and was always available to answer all my queries and concerns. He has been constantly in contact with me throughout the whole process of recruitment including the visa application, arranging hospital accommodation and travel arrangements. I strongly recommend Mr. Vignesh and PE recruiters to my colleagues. Thanks"



"I wish to appreciate PE Global  for the outstanding way my journey to working for the NHS was handled especially the professionalism and genuine care showed by Vignesh Vetrivel. It all started with helping me structure and organize my CV to look presentable to employers, encouraging and helping me prepare for interviews, advising me on the VISA application process and even standing as a middle man between me the employer and I.

Sincerely it has been a successful smooth journey with PE Global and with Vignesh, and I recommend them for any doctor who looks forward to working in the NHS.Thank you PE Global."

Dr.Joseph, SHO – A&E


“My NHS job-hunt process was transformed into an amazing experience, thanks to Vignesh, who is a senior recruitment consultant at PE Global. He helped me get a job within few weeks. He gave me advice on improving my CV, provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the hospitals I was interested in working, and went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. He even connected me with doctors who provided me valuable information regarding working in the hospital. Which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. When you work with Vignesh you also have his personal number which makes it easy for you to communicate with him (even over the weekend) and he only puts you forward for roles you are suitable for. I would recommend him to anyone who is willing to work in NHS.”

Dr. Khan, CT1 - T&O 


"My experience with PE Global Healthcare was very nice. I will recommend PE Global Healthcare for foreign doctors who want to start working in NHS. Vignesh is very helpful in every matter if you have any find difficulty from the day you first spoke to him till you start working."

Dr. Amir Liaqat, CT1/2 – MEDICINE


"My experience with PE Global through the whole process was one of commitment from your end especially my Recruitment officer Vignesh Vetrivel. He was always available, even on weekends to assist with any queries I had. He made the process seamless and has even been updating me with regular information after my employment. I am grateful to PE Global for all you have done for me and my family. Thanks a lot."

Dr.A Pedro, CT2 – General Surgery


"I would like to appreciate PE Global Healthcare for their excellent service throughout my recruitment search phase. 

They made information and opportunities readily accessible. I also want to appreciate Vignesh  a member of the team especially for going the extra mile to ensure my guidance from the visa application stage to my settling down at work period.

I am most grateful for your professionalism and care. I would highly recommend your services to my friends."

Dr Agboola Taiwo, Reg., Trauma & Ortho


"I could write pages about the great service offered, and I still would have not done you justice.  Suffice to say, I  am an extremely satisfied and grateful customer.  Vignesh (PE Global Healthcare Senior Recruiter), you are reliable and very efficient and because of your relentless efforts, I got into my dream job."


Dr. Hiba Ibrahim - NHS


"After months of searching for a job in London, PE Global Healthcare helped me to find the perfect post for me easily and I couldn’t be more happy about the service provided by the team."

Dr.Saya, Clinical Fellow, A&E - NHS


"I cannot recommend PE Global Healthcare highly enough. From the very start, they were committed to finding me a position that took into account my individual needs, with a personal touch that helped make the move from one country to another much less stressful. Whether negotiating accommodation, liaising with employers or otherwise being on hand to answer any questions I may have had, the team at PE Global were always ready to go above and beyond."

Dr.Aga, SHO, Medicine / A&E - NHS

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