Kuwait Healthcare

Kuwait Healthcare

Are you considering working in Kuwait? We hope that the information we’ve provided here will help you with any questions you might have about living and working there.

Just like anywhere else, moving to a new country is daunting. Here we present the pros and cons of living in Kuwait.


It’s a Travel Hub

When Dubai is on your doorstep and Southeast Asia is just a hop, skip and a jump away, the world really is your oyster.

There's money to be made!

From Kuwait, you can quickly and inexpensively fly to places you might have only ever dreamed of visiting. It’s a perfectly situated base for travel lovers.

There’s Money to be Made

The Kuwaiti Dinar is a very strong currency and there’s no tax here. It’s no wonder 70% of the population is made up of ex-pats as you can make considerably more money here than you can in other countries.

It’s a Cultural Experience

Part of the beauty of moving to a new country is experiencing a different culture. While Kuwait is considered to be fairly ‘Western’ by many standards, living in the Middle East is an excellent opportunity to learn something new by encountering a way of life that’s very different from your own.


One thing Kuwait certainly doesn’t lack is shops. You’d be hard-pressed to think of a popular UK High Street brand that you can’t find in Kuwait. Add to that the abundance of mega luxury stores and you can easily while away an entire day pursuing all the shops the malls have the offer.


Kuwait has less than 20 rainy days a year – is this a pro or a con??  The temperature can rise to a torturous 54 degrees Celsius and stepping outside during the summer months feels like walking into an oven.



It’s a Little Dull

One of the main gripes you’ll hear from ex-pats living in Kuwait is that there’s nothing to do. That’s not strictly true. There is an abundance of shops and restaurants, but it’s not long before you’ve filled your wardrobe to bursting and gained 8lbs. Once the novelty of The Avenues and Talabat wear off, it really can become a little boring.

Simple Things Aren’t Quite So Simple

Any time you move to a new country you’re going to initially struggle to adjust to the way things are done there. Things that may have been simple at home such as making a bank transfer can take hours.  Buying faulty electronics and trying to return them can be a nightmare, even though they are sold broken and are well within the warranty. Banks can massively breach data protection procedures and give out your personal information to random people.  Online order delivery can be a hassle if you don’t have an official address.  While running errands in Kuwait can really test your patience.

The Roads are a Danger-Zone

Every time you jump in a taxi or attempt to cross the road in Kuwait, you take your life into your hands. Getting from Point A to Point B can be a hair-raising experience!

The Cost of Living is High

Yes, the pay in Kuwait is fantastic, but with that comes a high cost of living. Even without tax you often find yourself paying significantly more for products.

It’s a Struggle of Eco-Warriors

There’s no regard for the environment here. It’s like people here are on a mission to go through as much single-use plastic as humanly possible and recycling facilities are very hard to come by. All we can do is hope that Kuwait will look at the huge progress other countries around the world are making and will step up to the mark soon.

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