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Contract and Permanent Resourcing

At PE Global we provide both permanent and contract positions and have a high success rate in placing professionals across all disciplines.  Below is an explanation of the various recruitment options available to clients.

  • Permanent Recruitment – we charge a one-off fee for the placement of a person on a permanent contract.
  • Temporary/Fixed Term/Short Term Recruitment:
    • Temporary placement (client payment) – the person is placed on an assignment on a salary with the client and we get a fee and the client pays the salary.
    • Temporary Placement (payroll) – PE Global pays the contractor on a salaried basis and we bill the client on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.
  • Contracting / Consultancy Recruitment:
    • Temporary Contracting (payroll) – We pay the contractor on a salaried basis and we bill the client on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.  Same as Temporary Placement (payroll) above but it is generally run under Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Recruitment Process Outsouring (RPO).  
    • Contract/ Contracting  Recruitment – We supply a contractor who is paid on an hourly or daily rate basis into an “umbrella” company or into a Limited Company.  The contract is totally for hours worked and the contractor is “Self Employed” or an employee of their own company. 
    • Consulting/ Consultancy – The same as above, however, the work is usually quoted on a project / tender basis.  We bill hourly, daily (time and materials) or we can bill on a fixed price project. 
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