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It’s time to break the mysteries behind PE Global

7th October 2021

We’re a bit like one of the world’s best kept secrets here at PE Global, like how do they get the fig into the Fig Roll or why didn’t Dorothy have Toto on a leash? Think about it, if she had all her troubles could have been avoided and it would have saved me years of living in terror of the Wicked Witch of the West!

Just like Daniel Craig coming out of the sea in his blue shorts, we’re here to make you sit up and take notice of us

At PE Global we’re a bit like a military aircraft…we like to fly under the radar!

If you don’t know about us…shame on you, especially if you are trying to recruit quality candidates on behalf of your company! Where have you been looking for new recruits? Under the stone next to the one we’ve been hiding under!

Well, it’s time to break the mysteries behind PE Global and just like Daniel Craig coming out of the sea in his blue shorts, we’re here to make you sit up and take notice of us!

So, how long are we in business? Since 2005…yes, that’s a long time to stay hidden…we’re a bit like the Ark Covenant in that sense!

Did you know we work with some of Ireland’s leading public sector companies? Of course, you didn’t! We’re wonderful at keeping our clients a secret…we’re just like secret service agents around here!

We also work with over 1,000 domestic and international companies recruiting across IT, pharma, finance, business, medical devices, healthcare and manufacturing. Yes, that’s a lot of clients but each one is equally important to us…we’re like parents – we don’t have a favourite child!

What did you hear? We only supply contractors and temporary workers? Well go back and tell your source they are wrong (and take great joy from it!).  At PE Global we recruit permanent candidates as well on behalf of our clients. And we’re dang good at it too!

Did you know we have not 1, not 2 but 3 divisions…yeah you read that right, you don’t need to go to Specsavers! Along with PE Global, we also have PE Global Healthcare and PE Global Locum Express. No prizes for guessing who and what the latter two divisions recruit for but here’s a clue…they have been our most important frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19.  And they work on behalf of PE Global clients such as the HSE and NHS…but don’t tell anyone we told you…it’s our secret after all!

Each year we successfully win multiple new contracts and tenders…and how do we celebrate it? Oh yeah, we don’t! Guess what we do…we keep it a secret!

How many happy new candidates do we find jobs for every year? Over a thousand…that’s how many! That’s a lot of shiny happy people!

How many people work at PE Global? Just under 60, but just like that teenager in your house, that number is always growing! Yes, that’s nearly 60 people that we have hidden away in our 3 offices…yes 3 offices!  In Cork, Dublin and London. Don’t worry though they are not hidden away in underground bunkers…unless that is where they work from when they are working from home!

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for help finding the right candidates or if you are looking for a new job just call us on 021 4297900 and we’ll assign one of our Secret Service Recruitment Agents to you! You can also send us your hiring requirements or CV to  No need for Morse code though!

All our jobs and services can be viewed at – you don’t need an encryption key or a secret handshake to get onto it!

And just like the ending to the new James Bond movie some things are best kept secret but not this one!

If you are currently looking for help recruiting or getting a new job please contact or call +353 21 4297900.

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