Coping with Covid-19

In these challenging times, it is important for everyone to remember, clichéd and all as it sounds, that for once we are all in this together.

COVID-19 is having an impact on everyone’s lives in some way or another. We can see the great work that is being done in many sectors to fight COVID-19 and we must support all frontline staff at this time.

Everyone will cope with COVID-19 in their own way and everyone’s circumstances are different

They are making huge sacrifices for each and every one of us while we are being asked to stay at home, wash our hands, and maintain social distancing… when I put it like that it sounds simple!

However, very few people like change nor adapt to change easily and all our lives have altered significantly in the past few weeks. While we know it is for the greater good, that doesn’t mean it is easy. It is important to control what we can and take it day by day in an attempt to maintain some level of sanity. At the moment things are changing on a daily basis so no point in thinking too far ahead. Sure aren’t we constantly being told by the experts (not me!) to live in the present… Never a better time for it.

Everyone will cope with COVID-19 in their own way and everyone’s circumstances are different but hopefully, we will get through this nonetheless by physically staying apart and by being there for each other nonetheless. It is a temporary measure that will hopefully yield significant results.

A routine can be a good starting point or more accurately a new routine for these times. Who knows, when normality returns, there may be aspects of this new routine that you choose to maintain.  For people working remotely or homeschooling it can be good to have a rough plan for the day. Getting dressed is a good start! Breakfast for those that eat it (won’t be featuring in my day but that’s another story) is normally a good idea so I’m told. A walk/run before the official day begins can be a beneficial way to clear your head in preparation for the hours ahead…just remember the 2km rule!  Fresh air is good for all aspects of health. It is important to take breaks while at home. Find a replacement for the office water cooler, maybe non-alcoholic during the daytime anyway!  Phone a friend, get some fresh air, take the dog for a walk, and have a coffee. If you were in work, chances are there would also be breaks, or if not there should be, so do the same at home. Limit the time to listening/reading/researching COVID-19….we all need a certain amount of information but does overload actually help us?

It is ok to struggle at this time, you are certainly not alone and a routine may be of some benefit. It’s the small things that can make a difference. This may help us all get through the normal working week for those that are still working/working from home/home schooling etc. The weekends bring a new dynamic again as this is when we usually meet people, play sports, go out, and live essentially. This freedom is normally what we are working for and now we can’t enjoy it as we previously would have.

So, as our weekends are also different now and can be difficult to navigate, it may be time to take up gardening, decluttering, painting (if you have paint) and no longer put off the household chores that have been on the long finger for a very long time. We have been given the time to do a Spring Clean in Spring…

This is also a time to try something new and get creative. There are lots of ideas on YouTube, technology has its uses and at this time we would be lost without it in the majority of cases. Don Conroy has just launched a channel on YouTube ‘Draw with Don’. One would have to be of a certain vintage to remember him on TV. Lots of people on social media are now providing fitness classes, cookery classes, music, art, etc. so this can be the time to try something new or even resurrect a hobby from the past.

There are lots of podcasts on all topics which can be very informative and could be something new and easy to try out (a new personal favourite of mine in recent months). For many people, they will never have the same “free” time as they have now, others have less (particularly frontline staff) and they would be very grateful to have time to rest, watch TV, read, spend time with family play computer games etc. Try putting some of this unexpected time to good use, you will feel the benefits and a sense of satisfaction.

For those of us that are in good health, we have a huge amount to be grateful for, though life is challenging at present. Focus on the positives and what is in our control and reach out to ask for support as needed and we will look forward to being able to live as we wish again.

Thinking as a recruitment consultant (management will be pleased) the next time in an interview a candidate is asked to describe how they coped with a challenging situation, there will be plenty to say and it won’t need to be in any way embellished!!

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