Common Fears When Applying for a New Job

Common Fears When Applying for a New Job

14th Nov 2023

Encountering these five common fears when applying for a new job is not uncommon.

In this blog, we dive into these concerns and discover ways to prevent them from hindering your career advancement.

Switching industries can broaden your expertise and uncover your true passions.

Fear 1: Inadequate Skills and Experience

Ever feel inadequate for a job, doubting your suitability due to not meeting 100% of the job criteria? Remember, not fulfilling every aspect of a job specification doesn’t disqualify you. Highlight soft skills on your CV that emphasize your ability to swiftly grasp new concepts. Embrace roles that challenge and enhance your skills for substantial career growth.


Fear 2: Being an Industry Outsider

Navigating a new industry can be daunting, especially when confronted with unfamiliar jargon in job descriptions. Remember, everyone starts somewhere. Switching industries can broaden your expertise and uncover your true passions. Highlight your eagerness to learn about the industry in your CV’s personal or objective statement.


Fear 3: Competing Against Stronger Candidates

Fearing you’re not up to par with other applicants is common, especially when competing on visible platforms like job boards or LinkedIn. Challenge assumptions—consider that your application might stand out among many if it’s high quality. Boost self-confidence by acknowledging your career achievements and aligning keywords from the job description in your CV.


Fear 4: Fear of Change

Leaving your comfort zone for a new opportunity can feel overwhelming. Remember, progress often involves taking leaps of faith. Focus on the present—don’t let worries about the future hinder your application progress. Take it one step at a time, embracing courage throughout the application process.


Fear 5: Timing Concerns

Feeling it’s not the right time to make a move is a common excuse. Evaluate if timing concerns are genuine or merely an excuse. Negotiate factors like promotions or ongoing projects with potential employers later in the interview process. Remember, prioritizing your career needs isn’t selfish—your notice period exists to ensure a smooth transition.


Conquering these fears is pivotal for your career progression. Prioritize your growth without letting common anxieties deter your aspirations.


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